Mesmerizing gondola ride to genting highlands

I got married before 8 years and since then me and my husband are exploring feeling of love with infinite moments everyday.My husband is mature , caring person , he understands me very well and makes everyone laugh always with his very good sense of humour. We share very beautiful relationship and enjoy growing and getting older together .
There are number of mesmerizing moments and memories to be cherished in our life , Here i am sharing a very funny incident from one of our trip which makes us laugh whenever we remember it.

Once we went to Genting trip. it was planned by my husband and we all were very exhilarated about it. My daughter wanted to go to genting theme park for playing rides there. As we were going first time to Malaysia i was not knowing much about genting. We went to kuala lampur first and from there to genting highlands. After reaching there my daughter and husband were very happy to see the cable cars and sky way there.

Genting  sky way is monocable gondola lift used to reach genting resort hotel from ground station. As its situated on peak of mountain this cable car is used and its  equipped with high tech electronic equipments and very safe to travel . Journey up the mountain peak takes approximately 20-25 minutes using established rope way.

Initially i thought sky car might be for some fun ride. But i came to know that the sky ways is used for going to genting highlands ,and we were supposed to go by seating in that toy like box .It was shocking for me as I am very afraid of heights i have phobia of heights . I told my husband that i am not going to seat in the cable car as i am scared of seating in it.and by listening it he started laughing along with my daughter. They both tried all possible ways to convince me as there was not any other way to reach on top , and somehow i agreed and sat into the car.

My jittery journey to himalaya started somehow and believe me i remembered almost all gods i know As car started climbing up the mountain i got more terrified. I started chanting mantras and cursing for not memorizing ram raksha as it helps to fight the fear and protects from evil. When i looked down it was disaster . It was lush green forest and valleys i have vertigo and from extreme hight it turned worst. I cursed myself for coming to genting and for seating in this stupid box.

The small car was carrying 6 more people other than my family.I screamed at one jerk on
midway and tears started rolling down my eyes though it was going very slow and steady speed. My husband who was carrying my 5 year old daughter in his lap shown me small kids seating in another cable car which was coming down.
He asked me to cool down and enjoy the beautiful nature and weather around. I asked him cutting his sentence in between “ What if this car breaks and falls down to valleys and forests. Its on such a height that's making me more nervous and i will faint now .Why they made this sky ways instead of making ground ways ?
And he replied “why are you thinking negative ?just think what if it dose not fall. we ll reach to the top. Thousands of people are using these rope ways across many parts in world to climb up mountain . This rope way is very safe and many people like us are using it to reach high mountain just in 15 minutes. So enjoy your trip see colors of beautiful nature and don't look down and get more scared. “

After this discussion i calmed down but chanting was going on and the curiosity of looking down was less. I was surprised to see how can people be so calm and enjoy seating in this small car running to mountains.the weather was extremely cool and as the car was climbing higher we could see clouds around us. It was mesmerizing experience to see and touch clouds .The nature at its best. I stopped looking back and looking down from the car and started playing with my daughter and clouds.
And while seeing never seen before mountains we reached safely on top of hill and i jumped out of the sky car and breathed sigh of relief .I thanked god for safe journey. Suddenly my fellow passengers clapped for me and congratulated for completing first sky car journey bravely . I felt very special to get greeted and applouded by strange people.

I enjoyed sky car journey while coming back from genting highlands to down station. The fear was in my mind but this time the joy was dominating to fear which made this trip of 20 minutes most memorable trip in my life.
My husband said “Dar ke age jeet hai. so keep on winning your fear “. Whenever we remember this incident and my stupid questions we cant stop laughing .This small sky car trip made me realize if we have right person in life with us then we can reach any heights. 

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