How to relax with home Spa

Being mommy is tough job as mommy has to work 24/ 7 and without taking any holiday. Mommy's work starts early in the morning and it goes on till end of the day or till everyone in the house sleeps. Morning hurry of cooking meals and breakfasts, packing lunch boxes ,cleaning, laundry , grocery and whats not. Mommy's to -do list is always full. Riding on all the things simultaneously ,continuously makes her tired / stressed.
Mommy gets hardly time to rest ,relax, pampers herself. Taking hot water bath, taking a nap , reading nice books , going to spa helps to de-stress and feel fresh again.
Going to spa is definitely relaxing and indulging.Spas helps for caring body but for your soul too. But spas are very costly and spending so much of money every now and then is not possible So why not to take a spa at home? Now you may think hows it possible as home services of spa's are more costly. But no need to avail these expensive home spa services instead create spa at own sweet home and get rejuvenated with it.
I tried this amazing home spa idea and its truly amazing ,I wanna try it again and again to feel more fresh. It feels great to seat peacefully , doing nothing , isolated for few moments.It nourish and refreshes your senses . Now lets see how it can be done by spending few minutes to pamper yourself .
Just one more thing is necessary and that is to unplug from electronic gadgets while seating in spa. Whenever we get free time we get busy with our electronic gadgets. Excessive use of electronic gadgets like TV , laptop ,smart phones ,tabs contributes to more stress. Its necessary sometime to switch off from gadgets /world around us ,as always being plugged in may invite unwanted member and that's stress. So unplug from the world around and enjoy home spa fullest without getting hole in your wallet.

Lets get into home spa with following steps.

  • Forget all work/ tensions/ worries for some time to feel relax.
  • Choose any favorite place of house to seat and relax for home spa .Near window /Corner of house which is more peaceful to relax .
  • Switch on your favorite soothing music . Must be only audio as video will divert attention.
    I always prefer instrumental music as i find its perfect for relaxation.You can play any favorite music.
  • Take a glass of lemonade/fruit juice /any cold drink /soft frink for drinking.I like coconut water to drink in my home spa.
  • Light scented candle nearby. Aroma of scented candles has different effects on mood and it feels fresh and delightful with it. Actually Its optional if you don't like candles or have any allergy avoid this step.
  • Take a favorite/ any book to read.(Reading book is good stress buster) Reading few pages of inspiring books gives positive attitude.I always like to read personality development/ inspirational stories books when I am tense or worried.
  • Take a warm bucket of water and pour few droplets of shampoo in it.
  • Seat on a comfortable chair and keep your legs in warm water. Keeping legs in warm water will remove fatigue /any pain.
  • Read your favorite book with sip of cold drink while taking pedicure and listening music .
  • For more spa feeling you can clean legs by pumice stone and even apply any choice of face packs on face. Applying face pack will clean and tighten face skin to look more beautiful.
  • Enjoy home spa in this for at least for half an hour once a while to get fresh and start work again with more energy.

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