Trip to Kusu island

kusu island

Once for long weekend we started searching places nearby singapore.And  our  search  landed           to island located at south of singapore , perfect for day long picnic . Its 5-6  km from singapore and takes just 40 min by ferry. 
Actually I liked the name of island  very much “Kusu island”. As i don't know chinese so didn't know that this is chinese name. When  asked to local friends , I came to know , kusu means tortoise and there is  history behind  this name. The island has mythical origin and according to it  island is nothing but a giant tortoise which transferred  itself  to island for saving sailors.
I heard much before that tortoises are kind ,but when know about this mythical origin of kusu island , i got pretty much excited (inspired  by the tortoise's  great deed )to visit this place.

Early morning we started to go to marina south pier (from where ferry goes to kusu island after specific interval ). Upon reaching at marina south pier we got tickets of ferry from counter.
The ferry with chinese  style decoration arrived exact on its scheduled time.It was my daughters first experience to travel in a ferry so she was happy to see “Big boat with colorful stickers”. With her tiny hands she tried to pull of the wooden carvings on its wall after entering in the ferry. (She wanted to stick these stickers to her paper boat after going home. :-) kids and there imaginations.. difficult  to   understand.. :-)


The ferry was very big and spacious. It has different compartments for seating ,playing and its  own pantry as well which serves local /international cuisines and they were really delicious.
Many people were enjoying food ,relaxing ,playing.I preferred standing out on top floor of ferry to enjoy the sea view. Which was pleasant.Clear water ,cool breeze ,and just noise of ferry's engine.. I enjoyed the ride as much as I can. This is view of marina bay sands hotel from ferry and its really adorable.

Marina bay sands from ferry

Marina bay sands
As kusu island is located off sentosa (Popular attraction of singapore)While on the way to island we can see sentosa beaches. This is my click of sentosa from ferry.

sentosa beach

Upon reaching island it was excitement , which drive us to run to see what is exactly at kusu island ? And why is it so famous. And the questions in my mind got answered as i explored the island more. Its beautiful island with wonderful  beaches ,green  trees and  colorful flowers.

At the kusu island

Kusu island is having sacred sites where many people come for worshiping.The da bo gong temple ( Ancient chinese temple) is the one.Its built in 1923 and dedicated to chinese god of prosperity.Its beautifully constructed temple with pleasant surroundings.
There is wishing well also where people were making wish by throwing coins in the well. My daughter big S also wished for more barbies on her birthday to God.
Chinese temple

While hopping island we came across giant statues of tortoise. Which are built in memory of tortoise who saved sailors.So along with little tortoises here tortoise statues are also seen.

Little turtles

its been said that tortoises are good luck charm and they bring good luck .it has small lake for tortoises as well playing and feeding tortoises is fun task for kids.
Kusu island famous for its Wonderful beaches.And why it should not be where this beach it has i was stunned to see it.the water was cool and very clear.i could see through water much deeper inside sea. Many people were swimming and this beach has fence too as a safety.Kids enjoyed playing in water for long and so does we.



Island don't have any restaurants or hotels and camping or overnight stay is not allowed here.
It has many barbeque pits and you can take your own food or do barbeque here.

This island makes perfect getaway with beautiful beaches and fresh air away from hustle bustle of city life , Moreover its sacred places make it pilgrimage too. 
The lush greenery  and fresh air on the island is real feast for people vising this peaceful place.It's must visit and refreshing day long trip.
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