Pampers premium care pants - product review

Recently I started using Pampers premium care pants ( Extra Large Size Diaper Pants) for my baby and its truly amazing. It has extra than everything a diaper pants has.
For  growing and active toddlers a diaper with more soaking capacity, leak proof sides  is necessary and that's what it exactly has .
Pampers premium care pants has  dryness capacity up to 12 hours. 
Ultra dry core of these pants  quickly absorbs and lock away liquids.  Which helps to keep it dry for long hours. My baby is comfortable using this diaper pant for a day long. And not to forget , I can have night long ,sound sleep as I don't need to check and change  her diapers midnight.

Moreover it is  all around soft which includes 5 star skin protection of delicate skin of little one.
So now no more diaper rashes problem caused by prolonged use of diapers
Premium care pants are  made using very high quality breathable material which is gentle on baby skin. The micro pores of it help air circulation, allowing babies skin to breath.
This is something  every parent  looks for their baby.As baby's comfort is important.
Pampers premium  care pants  have stretchy 360 degree waistband and leg cuffs too which is plus point as far as comfort in concerned.This pants fit baby's waist properly.
It  provides all around protection for little one.Only concern is , I find it a bit costlier than other diaper pants.
Now I happily refer pampers premium care pants  to my friends and family who have young babies and toddlers.
You can find more details about their products on pampers website http://www.in.pampers.com
This post is sponsored post by Pampers.Thank you pampers for sending wonderful diapers for my baby.She loved it.
Photo credit :http://www.in.pampers.com

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