5 Surprising ways to happiness by art of living

Actually I knew  and heard a lot about Art of living ,Meditation , spirituality ,but  I didn’t have experience of it . I  read about it  and get  impressed by  outstanding health benefits of meditation , but in practice  never tried it. In spirituality section I  say prayer in front of god every day morning and that’s it.  But  I understood  innumerable things are associated with this vast topic  which actually are reason for well being of individuals. Art of living conduct such educative sessions world wide and they do wonderful job of guiding people towards inner strength and peace of mind. Recently I got an opportunity to attend and Art of living event  here in Singapore. And it was  “ An afternoon with Sri Sri  Ravishankar”.
Though I was completely naïve about the topic I could grasp much of it and started meditation and breathing techniques tought  by  Gurudev. When I reached the venue to attend event I expected there might be limited people to attend the event but it was totally opposite. The complete auditorium was fully crowded with people and almost all seats were occupied. And most interesting thing is that for complete session there was pin drop silence in the auditorium. I understood there are many people like me who are in search of happiness ,spirituality , meditation techniques  and much more.
I never got a chance to listen to honourable Sri Sri  Ravishankar (Humanitarian leader and spirituality teacher )before. So I was much excited , curious to listen to him and know more about spirituality.  I ‘m trying to share some of the crucial points mentioned  by  Gurudev Sri Sri  Ravishankar  in the session  here. Hope it will be of help . Some of the key points from session:

1.  Every problem comes with its solution

Like every lock comes with the key,  every problem comes with its solution . By giving problems to you, Nature is testing your ability to find solution. So when you have problem don’t take tension  and just concentrate on finding the solution. Knowledge is the solution to every problem in humans life. Nature has measured and then given appropriate  tail to every animal. Every human has given problems only as per their capacity. More problems means more eligible person. problems come in life and so does solution follow them. Don’t get carried away with problems .

2. Happiness

Happiness is created by one’s own mind.  And it  comes from inside. You cant make anyone happy. Happiness is state of mind and it can be experienced with spirituality .  When a person  can  sense of unknown inner strength he/she can feel happiness.It is continual process and every individual on this earth should practice it daily.

3.Meditation techniques

Every meditation helps to expand mind and expand views. try to meditate every day for few minutes at least. Meditation is the way to know your inner self, power, ability.
There are number of techniques practiced for it. Pranayam helps for meditation. Every individual should practice Pranayams for better health and mind.Meditation improves concentration and art of living arranges many meditation program for school going children .Children  benefit a lot from learning these techniques to improve memory and concentration.

4. Live in present moment

Do not curse , angry because of the things happened to you in the past as its over. Don’t waste your energy for thinking about the past events. Do not worry about the future as it’s yet to happen. Live in present moment. Keep your mind free from worries. Worry is something which is neither here nor there.You are here(on earth ) for limited period of time .Enjoy this period  and whatever is passed is memory and whatever going to happen in future will also become memory , what remains is the joy. So always be a happy and joyful. 

5.Spirituality(Uplifting spirit ,energy)

You have created a wrapper around you with the thoughts. To break that wrapper its necessary to have inner stability. Brilliant mind and kind heart are basis to spirituality. There is freedom within you. Keep your energy high. Depression , stress can be overcome by spirituality. Spirituality is uplifted by  meditation which cleanse heart and mind.Spirituality helps individual  to feel joy from inside ,calmness,  unshakable peace  of mind in any situation . It makes people strong from inside.
Always keep in mind the fact that some natural power is with you. It always accompanies you in all thick and thins.So never be afraid of anything and don't feel alone.

Less you know you are more curious about the topic and similar  was my condition in the event as I hardly knew  anything . And it was totally enthralling , enchanting and enticing experience for me to know so many new things. I have decided to attend more art of living sessions to learn more. Everyday I  m reading these points and trying to imbibe habit of meditating. though its extremely hard to keep my mind calm and thought less there is improvement definitely. Thank you gurudev sri sri ravi Shankar for guiding  and educating millions of people across different countries, continents , religions.
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