6 Effective tips for Postnatal care

After delivering baby mommy need care and help for taking care of baby as well as herself. Other than prescribed medication , rest balanced diet some extra care tips are helpful. In pregnancy there are some limitation on women's movements and certain lifestyle changes also. After delivering baby its good to follow some of the lifestyle changes for initial few days. These tips help mommy as magic to remove fatigue of pregnancy and delivery ,regain original muscle strength and lighten dark skin,stretch marks. I have followed some care tips after delivering my both kids. These are suggested by many mommy's and followed by many women from many traditions.

Effective tips to follow after delivering baby:

Scarves,cotton balls to cover ears

Cotton balls helps to block air going in the body via ears.Scarf can be tied such that both ears get covered.Also wearing warm clothes protect from outside weather. If delivered baby in winter / live in cold weather its good to wear scarves ,warm clothes for initial few days after delivery.

Belly/Lumbar belt for belly

Lumbar belt helps to strengthen the lower back muscles and supports expanded uterus and belly. It helps to get back flat tummy . Use this lumbar belts for suggested duration by doctors /health care provider .

Wearing Slippers 

Always wearing slippers inside house also helps to protect mother from getting wayu /Wat dosh (Ayurveda). Direct contact of feet with cold floor may cause many health problems for mother.Wearing slipper helps to protect feet from cold.

Warming/heating room

Its been said that warm surrounding helps mother for recovering from delivery and getting back to normal health and also helpful for baby's complete development. For keeping mommy and baby warm its suggested warming of room. For this room can be warmed for 15-20 minutes. During this period Its recommended for mother to seat near coal containing container to get more heat from 
it.Room heater can also be used in mother's room to warm room.
How to do :
For warming room coals are ignited in iron container.After ignition following ayurvedic medicine powders added in it.
Vekhand, Haldi(turmeric), Sunth(Dry ginger),Garlic clove covers together 1 tea spoon.(These ayurvedic medicines can be availed from ayurvedic shops)
It makes smoke which is helpful for purifying atmosphere ,preventing from diseases/infections.

Postnatal Massage

Postnatal massage is done for good blood circulation, increase muscle strength of mommy. Massaging with medicated oil helps to regain muscle strength , improves blood circulation and removes fatigue. Massage helps to improve digestion,and lightens stretch mark and dark skin. Doctors guide when to start massage after delivering baby. Women who undergo cesarean delivery are suggested to start massaging late or avoid massaging near abdomain and lower back . I started massaging after 15 days of delivery and continued it till next 3 months. preferred morning time for massage.Postnatal massage was done to complete body excluding tummy area as there was cesarean wound. Used sesame oil + Vekhand powder (1 teaspoon) +wawding powder (2 pinch)+ pinch of turmeric for massaging. Using this medicated oil is very helpful .

Hot water bath

Hot water bath can be taken 1 hour after massage.For bathing Utane is used (Pack made up from Bengal gram powder,turmeric powder,milk ,ayurvedic powders ). This pack applied on complete body and washed after 10 min.It  helps for lighting stretch marks,darkness and tightening of skin which lost elasticity during pregnancy.

  photo credit: amommy via photopin (license)
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