Visit to jurong bird park-world of colors

When i visited Jurong bird park- largest bird park in Asia and bird sanctuary in singapore I was awestucked. It is beautiful ,colorful and wonderful world of feathers - birds of many different species found across many parts of world. This lush green park is asia's largest bird park and has more than 5000 birds and 400 species. It has waterfall , lakes ,coasts , sprawling park carefully designed and maintained for its wonderful residents.
Jurong bird park is perfect place for nature lovers , bird watchers , children and in fact its must visit place for every one .

Waterfall in jurong bird park

waterfall aviary  in bird park  is one of the worlds largest walk in aviaries and its home of many birds. It has very high waterfall maintained for more than 600 residents.Water sound of water fall , chirping of birds and cool breezy air-  It was place with only natural sounds and natural views so pure ,so real ,so enchanting  and peacefull , that anyone would forget the world. I felt as if i am on hollywood movie set (As i never seen something so enchanting before except hollywood movies) .. its  like  a world of dream .

Flamingo lake

Here it is a flamingo lake, perfect view for nature lover,bird watchers -full of vibrant colors flamingos running around. And this lake is their play ground ,home. I couldn't take my eyes off for a single second from these flamingos.There is flamingo pool  also made for  caribean flamingos.However pictured anyone would take of these beautiful birds ,they can now be captured in these shots.

Penguins coast 

And then penguins coast with so many penguins running around.I could seat and watch their hustle bustle for hours.It was funny and joyful to see penguins running around on their specially designed and maintained coast.
this coast is maintained for antarctic penguins and weather is maintained for them. There are penguins encounter session also when visitors can feed them even.

Entertainment in bird park

Entertainment is not done by human but by these talented members of bird park .These shows performed by these amazing birds .Very Interactive shows are preformed by using different words where birds talk , walk ,dance ,sing and ACT too. Oh my god what a performance it was , beyond imagination ,fine and very well trained. I could never imagine birds are so talented and they can learn or follow human instructions very well.

Monorail in jurong bird park

There is monorail  in bird park available for its visitors.Jurong bird park is very big and  monorail helps visitors to commute in it. Birds  attraction points  are located nearby these monorail stations so its  great convenience for visitors.

Jurong bird park has many different colored parrots and eagles , peacoks ,pelicans ,ostriches many types of sparrows , what's not is there in bird park. Its totally different world birds.
Pelican clove - it is pelican cove with worlds complete collection of pelicans.

Jurong bird park -where color lives
Yeah what a true tag line is it. Yes its totally true jurong bird park is an amazing place of vibrant ,live and colorful birds. I hardly knew about so many types of birds exist on the earth before visiting it and I can visit this place any number of times.

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  1. I feel like Each and every photo posted here has life ... I feel as I really travel throughout the Bird Park .... Your wonderful way of scripting the picture is really awesome ... Great ... Very nice to read ... Keep going ahead !!!

    1. Thank you very much for appreciation sangeetha.. It really mean a lot for me..


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