Paneer kebab

How to make paneer kebabs – Paneer kebab recipe
In this summer vacations its difficult to keep kids busy throughout the day.And as they have lots of free time they feel hungry after every few hours.eating normal lunch as a snacks is very boring thing for kids,so cooking every time something new is tedious job for moms.
For such small hunger of my children I made paneer kebabs. Recipe is altered as per children requirement.Originally kebabs are roasted in tandoor for its up to the mark taste.I have changed it and shallow fried it on non stick tawa with some oil.Its quick dish and fully protein packed with goodness of paneer. Enjoy making this  healthy snacks paneer kebabs  in few easy steps.

Cooking Time :30 min
Paneer cubes(Cottage cheese) 2 cups,
Tomato chopped 1 in circular discs
Onions chopped 2 in circular discs
Green chili chopped 1
Coriander leaves chopped
Garlic cloves 3
Curd 1 cup
Oil 4 tb Spoon,
Salt as per taste
Water 1/2 cup
Cumin seeds powder 1 tea spoon
Directions to Cook :

1. Grind half onion ,chili,garlic ,coriander with some water in grinder to get fine paste.
2. Mix veggie paste,curd,cumin powder and salt in a bowl.
3. Marinate paneer (Cottage cheese)
Coat paneer with this curd mixture  on both sides for marinating. Keep it aside for at least 30 minutes.
4. For making paneer Kebabs:
Shallow fry marinated paneer cubes with some oil in a non stick pan.
4.Make sure both sides of paneer get roasted /cooked.
4.Similar way shallow fry onion discs ,tomato dics with some oil in a pan.
5.Garnish paneer ,onion and tomato discs with grated cheese  while serving paneer kebabs.

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