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We meet many people , make friends and some best friends , but  many of them separate from us Some friends  part  away from us  with time , some  with distance,  some with circumstances  like  work , education , family .As Friendship can not be done with everyone , it happens in two people with mutual understandings, trust and care. I have many friends as i am talkative and i like to make friends wherever i go. But  I have few special  best  friends also and  with whom I share special bond.I wish all my best friends will be near me always but that's not possible as for work and family we live at different locations.
I moved to different country for my husband’s  work  and it was most arduous   period  of my life. Living without family and  all friends was not only tough but  frustrating  me. I could see thousands of people around me at new place  but no one was my friend and that made me feel more lonely . And this is when i met extremely matured , understanding and calm person “ Veena” . I met her when I needed  friend the most.
She was playing with her adorable son in play ground and I was fortunate enough to  take my daughter  to  same  play  ground . Being mothers of active toddlers we were sailing in the same boat and we bonded quickly .We didn’t know this casual meeting  made us best friends for life. Veena  is the person  who is ready to help even strangers with same affection and care as that of her own family. She  helped  , supported and comforted  me to settle  in new place. As its been said that good relationships give us energy and keep us motivated and its very  true  for us.Whenever she feels low I try to find out ways to take her back to happiness.
We want to start our career back side by side  balancing  our families. And Veena suggested to start blogging and she is the reason behind Hellomomy blog. She helps to take me take important decisions and so do I try to help her. She is the first friend whom I call when I get any good news  and everything and vice versa. We celebrate  our every little  professional and personal  success together. We meet whenever we could find time from our mommy jobs  to celebrate countless occasions. And get refreshed with our meetings. These are some “we moments” when we could share our feelings, thoughts with each other.This is the time we can discuss about parenting articles , ideas  and  recipes for the blog. Veena is great writer and she  always has 1000 ideas ready which she suggests me for writing interesting articles.We together try to make this blog more informative.

Our relationship doesn’t need regular calls ,messages and meetings.We can't meet regularly because of professional commitments and our families.Our parents are leaving away and thus we come for helping  each  other  in our illness/ kids  illness  or  any  other  problem. Veena  was always  by  my side  in my pregnancy and health problems. This helping hand in difficult situation  makes our relation more  stronger. Managing my 2 super active daughters and her super active son gets easy when we meet each other with family. Friends time becomes family and fun  time.

In spite of our personal flaws we  have unconditional acceptance and we enjoy to be together. There are many moments  when we have opinion / perception differences as well.We debate also about many  things  and at the end go through together in every situation.Veena is HR and she shares her all work experiences with me and I try to share my software development knowledge  as and when required.She is very curious about technology and like to know more about softwares , website development and coding.She has learnt  website development  very well and I like to help her out in it whenever she finds it difficult.

I always wonder "Does celebrities also have friendships like us? or they might have something different happening in their lives ". Now I'm gonna find out the answers of my questions on the brand new show of ZeeTV  "Yaaron ki baraat" which is going to start on 8 th Oct 2016 at 8 pm.
Looking forward to watch amazing friendships between my favorite celebrities on screen. Its  very innovative and new concept to watch rollicking time spent by celebrities with their friends on this show. Its  gonna be great fun to know more about celebrities and their personal life. This show is definitely  going to be  full of entertainment and i am very much eager  to watch  great camaraderie of my favorite stars. Don’t miss to watch it on Zeetv. 

Find more details about the show below.
This post is part of #YaaronKiBaraat on @zee tv.
Last image taken from ZeeTV Facebook page.
photo credit: Chicago Man "You'" via photopin (license)
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