Instant dates ladoo

How to make dates laddo / instant ladoo
Kids need lot of energy for all their activities and for fulfilling the calories demand this sweet date ladoo is ideal option.  It needs very few ingredients and get ready in few minutes .Dates are rich source of iron , vitamins and simple sugars.Dates are sweet and delicious in taste and thus can be used while making  various sweets.As dates are sweet in taste no need of adding extra sugar for making these ladoos.
For sweet cravings I tried making  dates ladoo /balls and my kids loved these little energy balls as snack time munchies. You can offer it for snacks time   or just pack them in kids lunch box for short breaks. 
I have added walnuts as my kids don’t like walnuts. I make sure to hide  walnuts in some of the favorite dishes like this.You can add other dry fruits as per choice while making these ladoos.Try making instant and  delicious dates ladoos by following simple recipe given below.

Cooking time:45 minutes
Ingredients :
·      Dates 250  gm
·      Cashew nuts 100 gm
·      Almonds 100 gm
·      Walnuts 50 gm
·      Ghee 2 tb spoon
Directions to cook:

1.       Heat heavy bottom pan and add ¼  tea spoon of ghee in it.
2.      Add cashew nuts in pan and roast for 3 to 4 minutes . keep it aside.
3.       Roast Almonds for 4 to 5 minutes  similar way with ghee and keep aside.
4.      Remove seeds from the dates and  and cut it  into  small pieces .
5.      Roast dates with  few drops of  ghee for 5-6 minutes and switch off the gas.
6.      Run cashews ,almonds and walnuts  in grinder to get coarse mixture.
7.       Similar ways grind dates in grinder.
8.      Take a bowl and mix all ingredients properly.
9.      Take some  dry fruits mixture in hand and shape it in circular ladoo by pressing with   hands.  If needed grease hands with ghee and shape all  ladoos .
10.   Store dates ladoo  in air tight container.

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