Sara's second birthday celebrations


Recently we celebrated 2 nd birthday of our younger munchkin and it was fun filled day for all.
We couldnt  believe that  little princess is already two years old, We feel as if  she's  born just yesterday.I remember the moment when i hold her in my hands  for the first time and time flies.
 I always try to make the day special as Birthdays are most special occasions celebrated for children.

For fun filles birthday party i started  preparations for the big day much before actual day. 
First En listed the things to be bought for the party followed by actual shopping.  Birthday clothes for the child and accesaries necessary to be worn on it. As size and fit might be issue so better to buy it much before from the actual birthday party. As can be tried and then if necessary exchanged. My elder daughter selected birthday dress for her baby sister ,probably after couple of years she wont get that opportunity to select everything as per her choice for little one as sara will be grown up to choose things for herself. My elder is very particular and she wants thing to be done as per her choice.

then listed the invitees which included best friends of my older daughter and few friends of birthday girl as well. Then For selecting cake I thought of  giving choice to little birthday girl.my two year old kid wants to hold Barbie and princess all the time in her hands, and thus I selected  her favorite  princess cake for birthday party.

she loves to share things with her friends and thus wanted perfect goodies for them. We carefully chosen  all goodies together and my big task of getting goodies got over.i get amazed to see how she knows so many things and feel happy that my upbringing is on right path.

For food section i ordered food from outside and chosen kids friendly menu only. Included finger foods like potato patties ,chips, chocolates, cup cakes .Children can enjoy playing while eating finger  foods and all children relished the party menu.

And in the actual  birthday party  all children enjoyed playing games, eating cake and most bursting balloons. It became  favorite game of all kids and they ran behind each other. We started birthday party  with cake cutting  and then lunch.While parents were busy in chatting with fellow parents kids enjoyed special day of my princess with their games.Sara was excited to get wished by everyone and she thanked every one for wonderful wishes and gifts as well.

Happy birthday dear SARA , you are the sweetest thing happened to us and we love you  to the moon and back.May god bless you on your birthday and always…”

All children were eagarly  waiting to get their return gifts and all mommies asked them to finish food to get return gifts.I made sure to have return goodies  for both my kids as well.Return Gifts are extremely important for children and my kids are no exception.We enjoyed every bit of party and waiting for next one ...

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