Mama earth baby products review

I have two kids and I always used renowned brand skin care products for my elder child. When I  started using  same products for my younger one it didn’t work out so well. As every child is different and I noticed my younger one’s skin was getting dry in spite of using  renowned gentle baby wash and baby creams.My younger child has sensitive skin and she gets rashes many times.Also her skin gets dry quickly and thus she needs more skin care.This is when I started looking for more better , more safer and more gentle baby products for her. There are many baby products in the market and finding toxin free product is important.
Recently I received Mama earth baby product hamper from the company and their products are truly amazing. Mama earth products are toxin free and  also made up of natural and safe ingredients. These products are clinically  tested  and totally chemical free. I have started using baby wash , shampoo, massage oil and and moisturising lotion by mama earth for my kids.

1.     Moisturising daily lotion
Mama earth moisturising daily motion  moisturises babies skin very well and gets absorbed easily. It has  natural ingredients in it like shea butter and jojoba which are good for delicate skin. This is really important product for my younger kid as she has sensitive skin.  I use it for her regularly and it protects her skin from getting very dry.

    2 .Deeply nourishing baby wash

Generally baby wash are used for infants and young babies. And i'm using this mama earth deeply nourishing baby wash for my kids now.Its perfect for bathing your baby as it  dosen’t dry baby’s delicate skin while cleaning it thoroughly. Mama earth baby wash is made up of all natural ingredients and safe to  use for small babies.And it has good fragrance and many times I also get tempted to use this fresh and gentle baby wash for me .

3.     Gentle Cleansing shampoo for babies
I have used mama earth gentle cleansing shampoo for washing hairs of my kid and noticed the smoothness in her hair after drying.This shampoo is chemical free  like other products of mama earth.

4.     Soothing massage oil for babies
I regularly massaged my kid and I used this soothing massage oil by mama earth now. This oil has natural ingredients like sesame ,jojoba and almond oil which are very good for skin and bones  as well .Sesame and almond oil are already known as massage oil for their nutrition values.

Thank you mama earth for wonderful products range for babies and surely many parents are going to be helped using it.Your products are as per the brand name pure and natural.I am happy using mama earth products for kids  and these products are upto my expectations .I happily recommend it  to my friends and family.

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