6 tricks for baking perfect cake

Both my kids love cakes ,cupcakes .Initially I used to cupcakes from bakery. But bakery cakes may have chemicals used  for raising  it. So I decided to bake cakes  for kids at home. Baking is science and it needs knowledge ,efforts and patience. There won’t be perfect cake when you start baking, but definitely it  is possible with  trails and error. I have learnt baking good cakes with experience. When  I baked cake for first time I was lenient and skipped few steps like greasing  cake tin . Which eventually  result in breaking cake while taking out of tin. Each and every step is very important  while baking ,to make soft, spongy and perfect cake. Sometime it happens and we tend to skip step resulting in bad texture , taste  or hard cake. So never skip any step / instruction given in recipe.
When you follow all steps in cake recipe and yet don’t get required result desired it feels great disappointment. That’s why we have to follow some tricks for making prefect cake . This post is about  few never given tricks used for baking perfect bakery like cake at home, here we go.
Tricks to get success for  baking perfect cake :

1.     Sieve

This is very important step for baking spongy, light perfect cake. Sieve all dry ingredients (e.g. All-purpose flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda) of cake. After sieving use these ingredients for making cake batter. It will make cake lighter and spongy by incorporating air while sieving .You can use any available sieve or special sieve available for baking. Don’t skip this step as it may result in bad cake texture.

2.     Dry Ingredients

There are some precautions to be taken for storing dry ingredients of cake.
Store all dry ingredients necessary for cake in air tight container at dry place. Make sure to store everything packed after usage as it might affect next cake.
Seal the packets of dry ingredients using plastic clips. It is necessary to maintain good shelf life.
Make sure to use small boxes / packets of baking powder, baking soda if you don’t bake frequently. As its effect won’t last after some period of time. Also always check for expiry date of ingredients.
Don’t store all-purpose flour, cocoa powder, and baking powder like ingredients in fridge. Or make sure to use it at room temperature while baking cake.
If you are using self-raising flour instead of all-purpose flour then add lesser  amounts of baking powder and baking soda.   

3.     Wet ingredients

Wet ingredients used for making cake should be taken with precaution.
If you are using Butter in your recipe make sure to use it at room temperature. Butter should be soft but not liquid .
Using soda water makes cake more light, so add it while making cake batter as per requirement.
Make sure the cake batter is not runny while pouring it in tin for baking.
 If you are adding milk in cake use it at room/ required temperature.

4.     Measurement

Always stick to exact measurements if ingredients used in your recipe. Use weighing scale or spoons for measuring ingredients of cake. Make sure to use only measured ingredients for perfect outcome. As improper proportion of ingredients can result in hard cake also. If you are regular baker then it’s good to invest in weighing scale.

5.     Ready your cake tin

This is equally important to get cake tin ready while baking cakes. However precautions you take while making cake batter, if you skip this step there are chances of sticking. Cake may stick to bottom of tin resulting in breakage while taking it out.
For getting your cake tin ready spray oil using oil spray.
Spread parchment paper/ Baking paper on it.
Again apply oil using oil spray or spread butter.
Dust all-purpose flour on it.
Now after this proper lining your baking tin is ready to go in oven.

6.     Baking time

Baking time for cake may vary with the oven as ovens might have different temperature levels. If you are baking cake for the first time in new oven keep eye on cake until it gets ready completely.  Go for baking small initially to check the temperature settings and exact time for baking. Use tooth pick to check whether it is completely baked or not. Insert tooth pick only when cake is almost ready, as pricking cake in between may disturb the baking process .Which can result in uneven surfaced cake.
Hope you liked the baking tips and tricks for cakes, If you have any please share with us in comments.


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