Getting cured from stomach bacterial infection-1

About my stomach illness

It was month of august and weather was hot and humid, One day after lunch suddenly I experienced cramps in my stomach .Cramps persisted for few minutes and I couldn't get up from my place for that few minutes.Pain was very intense but it went on after some time.When I felt better I started my household chores and forgot about the pain.It went on for 2 more day and got associated with diarrhea.I ignored it considering indigestion or over eating.I have a habit of overeating and often it causes bloating and fullness. But this time diarrhea also was the reason of trouble.

I became ignorant towards my health lately.All thanks to my smartphone addiction.Everyday my morning were starting with smartphone and every free minute which I could get from my household chores and my family,was totally dedicated to smartphone.I was so busy with all smart facilities of smartphone that many times couldn't realize that when the day gets over .

After stomach discomfort I decided not to touch smartphone and just monitor my health. I strictly followed my decision but started surfing on laptop for stomach illness and its cures.This gadgets give facility to surf unlimited information on web and by getting this unlimited information people like me start thinking that their illness also will get cured by surfing on smart gadgets.I drank lots of water ,had very light meal of khichadi ,had taken walk after dinner (This information I had gathered from my surfing session). And was surprised to know that in spite of taking so much care of myself diarrhea worsened.I have to spend sleepless night and utilized night time again to surf .Next day morning I informed to my husband about my stomach discomfort and visited doctor .

After check up doctor told me that I have stomach bacterial infection,which may take 3-4 more days to cure. following is Prescription and necessary care by doctor .

First Prescription and necessary care

  1. Medicines for diarrhea
  2. Medicine for stomach wind and cramps
  3. Medicine for nausea
    Taking small meals for next 4 days
    Eating only rice,porridge
    Drinking lots of water

Dont's : Avoid DOC i.e. Dairy ,oil,chilli until recovery.

I started taking medicines and with every passing day my health condition worsened ,diarrhea persisted and cramps were of high intensity.I lost appetite because of nausea .After 2 more days I couldn't bear pain and again visited clinic.Following is prescription and necessary care.

Second Prescription
  1. Antibiotics for stomach bacterial infection
  2. Tablets for Nausea
  3. Medicines for stomach cramps
  4. Charcoal Tablets for reducing Gas and bloating in stomach
  5. Good bacteria (Pre and pro biotics) to drink with water in my medication
  6. Doctor suggested to drink isotonic drink (100 plus and H2O)and brown sugar with water to keep body hydrated ,as diarrhea causes dehydration. Drinking only water can't keep body well hydrated so drinking isotonic drinks or brown sugar was suggested to maintain hydration

I was following instructions honestly.Diarrhea started curing with antibiotics but cramps, bloating, fullness, nausea persisted.After completing medication course I started feeling well and declared my husband that I am well and can eat out as well.I was in so much of hurry to get well just for eating everything again. Just within 15 days of stomach infection I got bored of eating only rice and porridge.
As There were no cramps and diarrhea I impatiently started taking my regular meals which lead to start diarrhea ,stomach cramps and gas ,nausea,bloating again. Again have to head to Clinic ,
and this time doctor warned me that if this bacterial infection doesn't get cure with one more medication course in that case I have to undergo stomach endoscopy to check whether any other illness associated with it. I was shocked to hear the word endoscopy . This word scared me so much . Till date I didn't have any serious illness or didn't undergo any medical test so now endoscopy sounded me horrible.I Searched about it on my smartphone and understood few things about it. But again as it was half knowledge It scared me more.I decided to change doctor just to avoid stomach endoscopy .

Third Prescription
  1. Strong Antibiotics for stomach bacterial infection
  2. Good bacteria to drink with water
  3. Digestive enzymes
  4. Medicines for Nausea

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