Getting cured from stomach bacterial infection-2

Continued from Getting cured from stomach bacterial infection part 1

The new doctor prescribed same antibiotic medication which I had already taken. There wasn't relief by it.One more week passed just like it.Then I Visited Stomach disease specialist and He suggested me to undergo endoscopy as it was already more than 4 weeks time with no diagnosis. With persistent diahrrea I became extremely weak that i was finding difficult to walk or do anything.I coudn't digest anything except water so lost weight.As it was mandatory to undergo stomach endoscopy for diagnosis.
I contacted many doctors who were friends, and asked about treatment on my illness.Everyone suggested me to go for endoscopy as it was necessary for diagnosis.But I was very scared of it so wanted to get cured without doing it.I wanted quick solution for my illness and was extremely stubborn on getting cured without doing endoscopy. It was nearly 4 weeks of diarrhea ,stomach cramps, nausea,very low digestion.I consulted super specialist(Gastrointro specialist) doctor and he suggested me to get hospitalized for diagnosis and treatment.

After hospitalizing following tests were done:

Hospitalization and tests
  1. Lower and upper abdomen CT scans,
  2. Number of blood tests,
  3. Urine test,
  4. Stool test,
  5. Thyroid test ,
  6. Blood pressure were done.
  7. And the most scaring thing for me which I wanted to avoid Endoscopy,colonoscopy asked to get done.

It was the most difficult thing for me but it was mandatory for diagnosis.Hospital staff and doctor helped me to get endoscopy and colonoscopy done easily.And after 4 days of
hospitalization and with reports of all tests only stomach bacterial infection diagnosed.
(I was wondering whether these many tests were necessary for diagnosing infection. ).
I was suffering low digestion since long but didn't notice it until it worsened.3 months of medication has been prescribed by doctor with strong antibiotic for 5 days.

Diagnosis and 4 th Prescription:

Stomach bacterial infection
Suspected Gluten intolerence(Autoimmune disorder celiac)
Small intestine was swollen.

  1. Strong Antibiotics for curing infection,
  2. Antispasm tablets,
  3. Pre and pro biotics,
  4. Digestive enzymes,
  5. Painkillers,

Drinking boiled water ,
Strictly avoiding gluten ,
Heavy to digest food like nuts,dry fruits prohibited for 3 months,
Dairy ,chili,oil ,fermented food prohibited,
Strictly no to outside food,

I started following instructions after discharge from hospital.It was difficult to follow so many restrictions on diet.Morning without milk and bread , meals without wheat roti ,oil,chilli . What to eat was big question .Always have to think before eating anything whether this is prohibited to me. For very foodie person like me it was becoming very difficult to follow eating restriction.

Not taking wheat was big challenge as indian diet has wheat roti as a main menu.Found few alternatives to wheat roti and had to carry different flours while going back to Singapore for making roti.Didn't take milk or any dairy product .In these 3 months there was significant weight loss.Few times in a day there were cramps in stomach . Before eating anything I started thinking 100 times.Was counting every day and waiting eagerly to get well soon and start eating normal diet.
After 3 months it was bit tough to digest food without good bacteria medication. And started
experiencing dizziness sometime in a day.Tried to include gluten and milk in a diet.But failure
again .I wasn't able to digest milk and gluten so stopped again. After 2 weeks facing dizziness
I visited doctor again to consult about my recovery. Doctor suggested to continue with
good bacteria and few vitamins.As dairy products and many veggies have been excluded from
diet there were vitamin deficiencies which were causing dizziness .And problem was post
infection IBS (Irritable bowl syndrome) .

5 th Prescription

  1. Pre probiotics
  2. Digestive enzymes
  3. Multivitamins
  4. Vitamin B12 injection after every one month

I started taking medication again for 1 month with a hope of feeling better. But no luck. I
fainted one day and visited doctor. He suggested the possible reason of it was medicines not
getting absorbed cause of severe stomach infection in past as well many tests like endoscopy ,CT scans cause healthy bacteria loss .So altogether my digestion process has become weak.
It was getting very difficult for me to manage all house work , and taking care of small kid.I used to feel very weak just after working for a hour. My Hemoglobin went down cause of poor eating.I used to feel dizziness most of the time in a day.I used to feel exhausted at all time in a day. I lost 10 kg of weight so couldn't fit in any of my old cloths.My face became pale and white It lost healthy glow on it.Everyone around who know me started asking about my weight loss . Everytime i have to repeat complete story.I didn't go out to avoid outside food and water for 5 months.Friends started asking about my absence from every social gathering.I started losing my confidence.Every morning I felt like not getting out of bed. Every day I used to think whether I will get recovered from it ?whether I will be able to eat normal diet again ?
To be Continued..

photo credit: Stomach via photopin (license)
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