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Two year old Ryan was playing in the living room with his mother. There was a knock on the door and mother went to check who's on the door.When mother went out to open door ,little one found perfect time to swallow small plastic ring of the toy. And then everyone in house has to rush to doctor for further processing. This kind of accidents can happen with anyone, anywhere with small kids. And some or other time when parents/care takers get busy then kids may accidentally hurt, choke,burn,fall down. Some extra attention and care can prevent these type of accidents.
Children till age of 4 years are more prone to these kind of accidents at home or outdoor.Extra attention of care takers /parents is necessary when children are playing.
As little kids spend much of the time at home parents / caretakers can make home child proof with these checklist tips. Which will prevent any hazard to kids.

1. Kitchen Safety :
Kitchen are places more prone to accidents as there is lots of stuff in them. After cooking food in the kitchen ,store all food containing vessels on table or higher place where your toddler can't reach.As crawling toddlers may get burnt with hot food. Store Knives /scissors /peelers at unreachable place.Turn off gas buttons /electronic device buttons after using them. Make sure all electronic devices are at higher places. Use child locks for refrigerator ,kitchen trolleys ,cupboards.

2. Bathrooms safety
Store household chemicals like cleaning solutions , washing powder, disinfectants , mosquito liquids on higher shelf where kids can't reach.As these chemicals may harm child. Keep doors of bathrooms always closed so that kid can't enter and start playing with water, taps, toiletries.

3. Medicines
Keep all the medicines in house always out of reach of kids.Storing on high shelfs where kids can't reach is good option. Whether the medicines are meant for kids or adult make sure kids cant reach,as tablets can be swallowed considering candies and colorful syrup's can become juice for kids.

4. Safety gates
Use safety gates wherever possible specially to staircases ,doors which open in balcony or outdoor corridor.Always use safety gate for main door. Baby gates are available in market which is of baby height. And it can removed after its use as well.
Try to cover all the electric switch points at home.Kids may try to insert their fingers or toys in switches which is very dangerous. There are safety switches available in market which can be used to cover all unused switches.

5. Electronic devices.
Take extra care while ironing,making juices using mixer/blender.Don't keep iron unattended while using it.Keep electronic appliances at high place always.
If living in apartments,don't let child play alone in balcony.If want to use balcony make sure child is accompanied by someone elder and balcony is having safe railing.Kids like to climb and observe surroundings from balcony.

6. Furniture safety :
Never keep small objects like hair clips ,ear rings, rubbers, screws ,buttons in lower drawers of furniture/small tables ,which can be easily swallowed by babies .Seal lower drawers with tape if not in use. As kids may use it to climb up on furniture.Also cover all furniture corners with soft blocks to avoid injuring from it.

7. Toys
Pick toddlers, infants toys carefully.Toys shouldn't have small removable parts which can be swallowed.Also toys should be of good quality ,plastic and colors.Prefer BPA free infant toys always. Low quality toys may harm kids as they may put toys in mouth.

8. Don't keep toddlers on bed /chair/table unattended for any reason, as toddlers may try to get down and fall from it. Always make child play on the floor as it will help avoid falling. Use foam mats/mattress on floor and place toddlers on it for play time. These mats are very soft and anti skidding so it helps to avoid from falling.

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