Gluten free diet

My Gluten free diet
I followed gluten free diet after autoimmune disorder celiac has been suspected by doctor.Although I don't have celiac but i have suffered gluten insensitivity for almost 2 years.  I have suffered stomach bacterial infection and from then Gluten insensitivity started .
Initially it was very difficult to eliminate gluten from diet.What to eat was big question .Breakfast without bread, biscuits, cereals Then lunch without wheat bread (Roti),snacks without chips, cookies,cakes,pastries,buns,chocolates. Before eating anything I had to check whether its having gluten in it.All my favorite food have gluten and living without eating any of them was challenging.One or two days even month also would have been ok without gluten but I have to follow gluten free diet for almost 2 years.In these 2 years whenever I tried to eat gluten it started tummy problem.
I was pregnant with my second baby in this period and I couldn't include gluten in this period also.After 3 months of my baby's birth I tried including gluten in small quantity and the result was positive so then after started including gluten slowly.And 3 years after stomach illness and gluten insensitivity , I experience  bloating, gases,stomach cramp If I take gluten in large quantity in my diet. Now I am perfectly healthy and can digest meals and gluten also.

For Breakfast

Breakfast is the main meal of day and it should not be skipped. Before falling ill with stomach illness i was having bad habit of skipping breakfast for going to work early. Which i changed while recovering. I started taking breakfast mandatorily. I included following easy to digest things in my regular breakfast.
1.Included low fat milk + some water in it . For easy digestion.
2.Veg Chilla /omelet made from rice flour and bengal gram /
3.Flatten rice / puffed rice/ sago khichadi/
4.Dosa/ Idali/ uttapam(Fermented food)
5.Besan Dhokala ( Chickpeas savory cakes) /Semolina dhokala
6.Rice crackers

Lunch :

While changing lunch habits,i started taking lunch on fixed time i.e. Between 1-2 pm for better digestion.This was again suggested by my doctor for improving my poor digestion.I included following recipes for lunch.
1.Bhakari (jowari /White millet roti or bread )
2.Vegetable curry  (Any one of veggies from  tomato,capsicum,mutter ,onions,cabbage,flower,
carrots, ridge guard ,bottler guard ,bitter guard,lady finger etc.)
3. Rice and Lentils (Mostly green gram as it easy to digest)
4.Flavored  Buttermilk  (with black salt and cumin powder. Black salt and cumin helps for digestion.)
5.Salads made from cucumber,tomato,beet root,carrots.here I used beet root after
pressure cooking it for 4 whistles in pressure cooker. 

Evening snacks :

It was smallest meal of my day. I never ate evening snacks and thus it impacted on my dinner.I used be extremely hungry by dinner time which eventually lead me to over eat and take heavy dinner. After illness i changed my this habit as well and started taking regularly evening snacks. Quantity of snacks was very less a bowl or some times even less that that.
1.Any of the following Fruit Juice (orange/apple/coconut water/pomegranate)
2.Any of the following Veggie soup (tomato/ pumpkin/bottle guard /carrots/broccoli)
3.Fruits plate
4.Flatten rice /poha

Dinner :

I took Dinner early by 7 pm every day so as to give mire time to my digestion process to digest it.usually i take dinner very late that's by 9 or 10 pm. Which was making my poor digestion worst ,as i used to sleep after dinner immediately.I made this early diner change in routine and it helped me a lot. Now after being completely healthy also I make sure to eat my dinner as early as possible. I preferred including following delicacies for dinner:
1.Rice and lentil,
2.khichadi ,(Mixture of rice ,lentil and selected vegetables cooked with spices)
3.Tomato rice (Rice cooked with tomatoes and spices)
4.Vegetable Pulao,
5.Onion rice,
6.Spinach rice (Rice cooked with spinach leaves puree),
7.Masala rice (Rice cooked along with few aromatic spices for flavoring it)
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