Massaging new born baby

Its great pleasure to welcome newborn baby. For people who become parents for the first time has many questions about “How to take care of newborn baby ? ”. When my first daughter was born I was worried for the same.Then I started collecting information from other fellow parents ,friends ,relatives about caring techniques. I learned ways of massaging ,bathing,feeding and also how to help baby sleep better .Then many recipes ,home remedies on illness for toddlers.
Despite how much information gathered about babies in general is less only. As there are many ways to take care of little one's . As every baby is different lot of guesswork helps parents to understand babies needs like when they are hungry ,when they want to sleep and many more like this.
Massaging is important for newborn baby's routine.I used following techniques for massaging my kids.

How to Massage baby

  • Massaging with any natural oil before bathing is good in many ways . It will help to build immunity ,develop muscle tone and coordination.
  • Massaging will increase the baby’s food absorption and improves sleeping patterns.It increases blood circulation and can calm down baby.
  • Massage helps in emotional bonding of caregiver with baby .
  • Baby should not be full or empty stomach when massaging.Baby should be in comfortable position while massaging.I sat down on floor kept legs straight in front And let baby sleep on my both legs.And used same position for massaging as well bathing baby for first 3 months.
  • Things required for baby massage :This includes, the baby massage oil or the vegetable oil, tissues, clean diaper and clothes.I used olive oil for massaging my babies.I massaged baby before giving bath to her and in the evening before she slept.
  • Bracelet, rings and long nails may hurt baby accidentally as the skin of the baby is extremely soft.So caregivers should be careful with jewellery and nails.I avoided applying
    nail polish on my nails and cut them regularly.
  • Use gentle strokes for massaging .Don't put pressure on baby's body.
  • Massage legs, hands in upward downward strokes and stomach in circular strokes, Massage on toes and palms as well .Then chest from center to outward direction .Gently massage on head , little cheeks ,ears,nose and forehead.
  • For massaging back make baby sleep on her tummy .Be careful on spine area.Massage back from top to down.
  • Entertain baby while massaging by singing or talking .As toddlers do not want to be steady and lie down at same place.So entertaining them becomes necessary while massaging.

photo credit: Baby via photopin (license)
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