Effective postnatal diet

First few weeks after delivering baby are important for mother.Proper care taken in this period          helps  mother to recover faster and regain original strength.Special confinement diets are followed   from many  generations  for this period.
Across different parts different recipes are used for new mommy.These confinement diets are designed to provide complete and balanced nutrition for mommy as well as new born baby. Along with diet mommy should take proper rest also,though its difficult with little newborn baby. Avoid taking Spicy food ,oily food ,outside food as outside food may have additives colors and preservatives which are better to avoid for first few days after delivering baby.
Its not necessary to follow exactly everything in confinement diet but some changes can be easily incorporated in regular diet of mommy which will be helpful.

1.Everyday early morning Dry fruit Ladoo

These type of dry fruits ladoos are made for new mommy as nutritious confinement diet recipe. Ingredients in these ladoo help to provide necessary protein ,calcium, calories to lactating mommy Dry fruit ladoo are made up of dry fruits like Almonds ,Cashew ,Raisins, Dry dates , Dry coconut , fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds and ghee.Dry fruits provide necessary calcium for bones and iron rich ingredients helps recovering blood loss in delivery. Fennel seeds,fenugreek seeds in ladoo are breast milk boosting foods.


Breakfast is most important meal of day.Breakfast for mommy must be freshly cooked. Following dishes like (Porridge)ahlive kheer ,sheera, semai kheer,semolina kheer, upama, poha , Dalia ( Broken wheat with vegetables)can be included in breakfast. Reason for Including porridge in confinement diet is its ingredint milk. For giging more milk to mommy porridge is given .It helps to boost breastmilk.
Drinking a cup of milk with 2 Saffron strands and spoonful of shatawari kalp (Ayurvedic medicine which helps to boost breast milk) also recommended by many doctors.

3.Drinking water

Drinking enough water is important and water should be filtered and boiled to avoid any water born diseases.If mother is breastfeeding baby then more water is required for producing enough breast milk .
Drinking lukewarm or room temperature water for first few weeks after delivery helps to aid digestion. For lukewarm water boil and cool water to required/ room temperature and store in thermos flask. Drink this lukewarm water throughout day. 


Lunch should not be heavy and it must be nutritious to fulfill nursing mother and baby's nutrition requirements.Including green leafy vegetables,lentils,buttermilk,rice helps to make it complete .Its been said adding a spoon full of ghee on food helps in healing cesarean wounds.
Enough rest is necessary so taking small naps of 30 min or as per convenience when and where possible in a day are helpful .


Include one vegetable ,white millet roti/bread  ,rice and lentil in dinner.White millet roti is easy to digest.It is said that first 5 weeks mothers diet should be easy to digest.
After finishing dinner betel leaves with cloves, balantshepa, carom seeds,fennel seeds in it.Carom seeds and fennel seeds are aid in digestion and boosting breast milk as well.
Its recommended to eat this betel leaves for 5 weeks immediately after delivery.

6.Ayurvedic medicines (With prescription of Ayurvedic doctor) 

These really help for improving digestion and overall healing after delivery.  
Kathbol:For boosting milk supply . Its taken as follows 10gm of kathbol wrapped in 15gm of jagery balls early morning on empty stomach.  
Balant kadha 1, Balant kadha 2,Balant kadha 3 syrups for recommended days by ayurvedic doctor. These syrup helps mother in preventing any post delivery infection and overall healing .  
Shatawari kalp helps boosting breast milk and assist in normal involution of uterus as well.
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  1. Hi Rupali

    Can you give more information about Kathbol. Does that help in increasing breast milk? How much one should take to see the resilt

  2. Hi ,
    Yes it helps a lot. it helped me and my friends ,cousin as well in increasing breast milk.Its taken in very small quantity of 5 to gms only. Make 3 jagery balls (Apply little quntity of ghee for forming balls) Wrap kathbol in jagery balls .Swallow these jagery balls early morning without eating anything on empty stomach.Make sure kathbol dosenot touch teeth.Just swallow these balls with water.Do not eat anything for an hour after taking it. And result will be positive..

  3. Thank you for quick response. I have few more questions.
    Can you tell me how big Jagery balls should be?
    Also for how many days we need to take these?
    Do we need to take only early morning qty 3 or do we need to take at night before going to bed.
    Are there any side effects?

  4. Not sure about side effects.But my Grandmother gave me this 10 gm of kathbol only once.that is just after delivery.10 gm kathbol devided in 3 portions and wrapped in around 20 gm jagery.only one day thats it.I had consulted doctor as well before taking kathbol. Please confirm with your doctor as well.

  5. Ohh ok. Thanks. Could this be taken after 3 months of delivery?. Also why do you say it should not touch teeth

  6. Kathbol is taken for increasing breast milk.So probably after 3 months of delivery also it can be taken.My grandmother told me kathbol weakens teeth that's why it should not touch teeth.And amount of it has been prescribed by doctor.There might be different ways of taking kathbol as well.I have just mentioned my information version about it. It can be availed from Ayurvedic Medicines shop with prescription.

  7. Thanks for all the information.

  8. In navi mumbai where I get kathbol bcz i searched a lot pls guide

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