3 Super foods for increasing breast milk

Mothers may face low breast milk supply problem because of health issues, physical/ mental stress or some other reasons . Newborn baby is totally dependent on breast milk and if it is not sufficient for her then it's very difficult situation. There are medicines available for increasing breast milk but few home remedies and some diet changes along with medications are helpful to boost breast milk supply naturally.

Many women follow specific confinement diet from many generations which includes supporting , nutritious and well balanced foods.These confinement diets are planned in such a way that it provides complete nutrition to mother and baby as well. Balanced diet ,proper rest and drinking enough water is necessary for breast feeding mother.

Also including more fresh fruits , vegetables ,milk ,dairy products and fresh home cooked food increase breast milk supply. Drinking more milk or adding it in recipes like roti dough , deserts like kheer/porridge  is helpful.

I have faced low breast milk problem for my second baby, It was very painful to see my baby crying with hunger. I followed proper confinement diet and supporting medications but as breast milk wasn't sufficient, I started searching home remedies . Some easily available ingredients in kitchen suggested by many mommies helped me a lot.
I included these foods in moderate quantity in my diet  when I was breastfeeding my baby.

Super foods  for increasing breast milk:

1. Fenugreek seeds (Methi seeds) 

Fenugreek seeds are source of vitamins ,phytonutrients, minerals and calories. It has necessary dietary fibers as well .These seeds  improve breast milk  secretion  in  nursing mothers and  helps        in brain development of baby as well.Though these seeds are bitter in taste it has many health benefits and from many traditions women are using these seeds.
Any of the following way fenugreek can be included in diet of  mommy for suggested period of time and quantity by doctors .

Fenugreek seeds curry
How to do :
Soak 1 tb spoon of fenugreek seeds in water overnight. 
Heat oil in kadhai /pan. 
Add cumin ,mustard ,curry leaves ,coriander seeds in hot oil to make tampering.
Add fenugreek seeds in kadhai .
Add salt, chili powder ,cumin powder ,garam masala powder and some water.
Cook this curry for 5 to 6 minutes .Serve this fenugreek curry with roti ,rice ,bread .

Fenugreek smoothie
It sounds weird but smoothie is made from bitter fenugreek seeds .
How to do :
Soak 1 tb spoon of fenugreek in water overnight .
In morning run this fenugreek seeds through blender with some water .
If need sweet taste add sugar in it while blending.
Drink this smoothie everyday morning while on breastfeeding.

2.Fennel seeds (Saunf)

Eating fennel seeds after meals help increasing breast milk and aid digestion as well.Just after delivery / last trimester of pregnancy  when mothers have low digestion these seeds are very helpful. Also fennel seeds water and fennel tea are given as confinement drink to mothers after delivery.
Fennel seeds can be used in following ways.
How to do:
Roast 200 gm fennel seeds ,50 gms carom seeds ,50 gms sesame seeds separately .
Add 20 gm of rock salt in all roasted seeds mixture.
Mix well all ingredients and store in air tight container.
This mixture is called as mukhwas and   take  1 tea spoon of  it  after meals.

Fennel seeds powder
Roasted fennel seeds powder can be added in deserts like rice kheer ,Any porridge ,puran poli/roti . It gives unique taste to desert.

Fennel tea
How to do:
Add 1 tea spoon of fennel powder in 2 cups of water and boil it till water reduces to 1 cup.
Strain and drink this fennel tea  add sugar  for taste if necessary.

3.Ahlive ( garden cress seeds/chia seeds)

Ahlive /chia seeds is very nutritious  as it is rich source of iron and folic acid. It helps overall recovery from delivery and boosts breast milk supply .Kheer /type of desert made using this seeds for women  is used  in confinement diet. These seeds must be consumed with doctors suggestion only.
How to do :
Soak 1 tb spoon of garden cress seeds in water overnight.
Boil water in a pan add this garden cress seeds in hot water .
Add sugar ,1 tea spoon of ghee and  1 cup of milk in it.
Cook this kheer for 5 to 6 minutes.
Sprinkle pinch of cardamom powder and serve hot ahlive porridge /kheer.

photo credit: Breastfeed via photopin (license)
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