Tips for baby's softest skin

New born baby's skin is very delicate ,sensitive and prone to allergies. It takes time for new born to get used to surroundings /weather around her. There are many questions in new mommy's mind about what to do and what to avoid for baby. Initial days are very important for new born and some precautions in these days help her in complete development and growth . As baby's skin needs extra care i followed some tips collected from many mommies.

Every kid is different and unique so the ways of taking their care are different too. I have two kids and I followed few tips to protect their skin when they were new born .For my kids I followed all traditional baby care ways as following.

I followed massaging my baby with almond oil two times a day. Before bathing in morning and in evening. Massaging increases the baby’s food absorption and improves sleeping patterns. It increases blood circulation , helps to build immunity ,develops muscle tone and coordination. Massaging with almond oil or any other baby oil helps to keep baby's skin soft .

2. While bathing to baby I used besan pack(Bengal gram powder + milk +pinch of turmeric powder) to apply on their body. It helps to remove hairs on baby’s body if any. Also as its chemical free it's very gentle on baby's skin and keeps skin soft. Any baby soap also can be used after washing this besan pack with lukewarm water. After bathing baby just pat dry baby with soft cotton towel .

3.Apply gentle baby cream  on baby's skin after bathing baby. I used cetaphil moisturizer  prescribed by doctor for both my kids.It helps to protect  skin and keeps it  moisturized.It helps to avoid skin from cracking.

4.I always used soft and clean cotton clothes for my kids Including her bed sheets , blankets , towels ,wash clothes everything.And for washing clothes i used mild detergent specially made for babies. As normal detergents have harsh chemicals in them which may be harmful for baby's delicate skin.I preferred  drying baby's clothes under sun .Drying clothes under sun helps to remove unwanted smell of clothes and keeps them fresh.  
5.I stopped doing any cleaning activity like dusting ,mopping ,vacuum cleaning when baby is in the room. As dust particles in room may be harmful for baby's skin.I took baby out of room and then did cleaning of room  to avoid exposure to dust and dirt in the room.Also Increased frequency of cleaning room .

6.I used pampers diapers for both my kids. And currently my younger one who is 12 months old uses pampers pant. I love pampers as my both kids are happy wearing it. These pants are as good as cotton cloth pants .

7.Try to keep Essence sticks ,deodorant ,perfumes ,dirt ,dust ,old clothes away from baby to avoid any kind of skin irritations, allergies. 

8. To  keep  baby  always dry  and  warm change diapers frequently to avoid skin  rashes and irritation.Cotton cloth diapers are better than ready made diapers in initial few months.If baby has diaper rash applying coconut oil/ olive oil on rashes helps to heal rashes and comfort baby.  

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