KnowYourRights and fight against sexual violence

Sexual violence is form of abuse women may face at  any place  and time in life .Place might be their own home, education centers,work places, public places .Along with  sexual violence women may face  harassment in  forms like comments ,gestures,touch ,stares , phone calls ,messages etc. which is unwelcomed and attacks dignity of women .Many times these actions go unreported an thus it keep on repeating with same or other victim.There are laws,Employers policies,Education centers policies for protecting women against such crimes. But many women don't report it because they are afraid of being blamed, embarrassed , hurt by harasser .
Whatever the form of sexual violence it undoubtedly upsets the victim and can, in extreme cases, cause emotional harm to victim and physical and psychological trauma as well.It is harassment and should be unwelcomed.Whatever demand behind sexual  violence , women should report these to assigned authorities for this purpose.

Reasons for encouraging reporting sexual violence are:
  1. Reporting sexual violence is important as person doing it should get punished and and wont dare to repeat it again.When harasser is doing this crime wheather its first time or repetitive act it should be reported to stop happening again with some other victim .Not reporting them may increase the confidence of harasser to do it again. That's why to prevent it happening and to investigate and punish this heinous act it is necessary to report it.
  2. Sharing and reporting it will help others understand what constitutes sexual violence and how it can be dealt with . Other harassers will fear of doing this kind of crime with any other women of getting it reported .so in this way some other women may get saved as well. At education centers , work places special introduction programmes should be arranged to educate women and remove the fear from their minds.
  3. For making our society better and safe place for women its necessary to report and stop sexual violence acts . For empowerment of any society it is important to protect dignity of women . And If women are safe it increases there confidence ,productivity,creativity and working ability. If every individual decide to act against such crimes on women then definitely it can be removed completely.

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