2 Minutes sandwiches

How to make sandwiches quick recipes
Sandwiches can be used for any meal in a day. And can be made with very less ingredients as well.Sandwiches come to rescue when there is very less time to cook and kids are nagging for food. There are many different types of delicious sandwiches.Grilled sandwiches are tasty and favorite of many. Here i am posting recipes of only that sandwiches which can be made only in 2 minutes as source of idea for 2 minute cooking .Instead of using packet food when there is no time for cooking.Its great idea to make and enjoy fresh sandwiches. These sandwich recipes are of without grilling made using quick spreads.

  1. Vegetable sandwich :
    Apply butter to 2 bread slices. place any vegetables(onion,cucumber,tomato,carrots) slices of choice on one bread slice and sprinkle salt ,pepper and chat masala on it.Cover it other bread slice .

  2. Honey sandwich :
    Apply honey to one side of both bread slice to make honey sandwich.

  3. Peanut butter sandwich
    Apply peanut butter on one side of each bread.Keep cheese slice in it and cover with other bread to make peanut butter sandwich.

  4. Creamy sandwich
    Apply cream of fresh milk to one side of bread slice and sprinkle 2 tea spoon of powdered
    sugar on it. Place raisins like khishmish on creamy side and sprinkle cardamom powder on it to make creamy sandwich.

  5. Nutella / jam sandwich
    For making nutella sandwich apply butter and nutella on each side of bread slice.
    Similarly for making fruit jam sandwich apply butter and any fruit jam on each side of both bread slices.

  6. Cheese sandwich
    Apply creamy cheese to one slice of bread and butter to other slice of bread.Sprinkle salt and pepper on cheese.Place breads to make cheese sandwich.

  7. Pickle sandwich
    Apply mango pickle /lemon pickle or any pickle of choice on slice of bread and butter to other slice of bread. Place breads to make pickle sandwich .

  8. Chutaney sandwich
    Apply butter on one side of bread slice.Apply any chutaney of choice like peanut chutaney , mint coriander chutaney on other bread slice .Place both slices to make chutaney sandwich.

  9. Paneer sandwich
    Crumble paneer.Add salt ,chili ,cumin for taste in it. Add grated veggies like carrot , coriander leaves in it and mix well paneer stuffing.Spread this stiffing on bread and cover it with other bread slice to make paneer sandwich.

  10. Boiled Egg sandwich :
    Crumble boiled  egg and add salt, pepper ,cumin powder ,coriander leaves in it Apply butter on bread slice and place crumbled egg mixture on it.Place other bread slice to make egg sandwich. 

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