6 Ways to become fantastico father

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The most important thing in raising happy children is to give them lots of love and time something that all parents can do.And it needs joint efforts of both mother and father .
Fathers have very important place in kids life as he completes all their demands ,wishes and teach them how to face real life and world. Fathers work hard , give financial support ,educate kids and most  important he provide safe and secure environment to family. Fathers are their kids super heroes and roll models as they learn and grow by seeing their parents.
For spending more time and creating unique relationship with kids try these tips and be a fantastico father of your kids .

1.Completing routine jobs together
For giving more time to kids fathers can do routine jobs like brushing teeth ,taking breakfast , getting ready for office and school together ,watering plants in balcony ,packing bags for school and office. This will be of great help to mommy and also kids will enjoy doing all routine work with father.

2.Playing games and sports
This might be most favorite activity for any father to do with kids. Include playing indoor games like chess ,carom ,spellings game or plan a outdoor favorite sport. It will help kids to learn how to interact with others and challenges while playing will teach them achieving goals and exploring their own strengths.Sports will help kids in physical and mental development.

3.Telling childhood stories
Telling bedtime story before sleeping is very easy thing to do with your kids.It won't take any resources and much efforts as well. But kids need new story as they get bored with same story .
Fathers can use story books for children or can just frame a story describing any incident , good thought ,proverb like importance of sharing ,honesty ,hard work . By telling this framed story it
will serve two purpose telling a story and teaching good values as well. 
4. Taking the child on outings
Planning outing with kids is fantastico idea . Just plan outing ,picnic with kids and if possible with their friends to near by park, zoo, museum, garden or plan a trek to mountains. It not only educate kids about nature but also helps to strengthen bond with fathers .

5.Eating family meals together and encourage discussion
Taking at least one meal in a day together with family is great idea to spend time with kids. And during the meal,ask kids to tell about the best thing that happened to them in a day or an important thing they learned.

6.Teaching the child
Teaching any difficult subject at school , solving problems together and doing homework along with your kids gives you more time with kids. Teaching any other skill like painting ,drawing , sport life skill will also do . In this way kids not only learn faster but also enjoy learning as it is with their fantastico father. Learning won't be boring for kids because of active involvement of their  father .

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