Impact of atrocities on women and society

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Yesterday while buying vegetables on street from vegetable vendor I noticed very disturbing incident. A middle aged man was hitting a lady mercilessly , When people around him intervened in the matter he stopped doing so for the moment but he threatened the lady, who was his wife and left the place. I felt very sorry for that lady and thought why she's so helpless ?if there wouldn't have anyone around her then what would have happened to her ? She should have resisted and stopped her husband .This incident created very disturbing impact on everyone present at the place. 
Nowadays atrocious acts against women have increased and it impacts the victim ,the society and other women as well . Whatever the form of atrocity, it undoubtedly upsets the victim and can in extreme cases, cause emotional harm to victim and physical , psychological trauma as well. Along with emotional ,physical abuse women face harassment in forms like comments , gestures, touch , stares , phone calls ,messages etc. which is unwelcomed and attacks dignity of women . It may happen at her own home or at schools,colleges,education centers ,work places or any other place .
These harassing acts should be reported ,shared to stop harasser doing it again with same or different women. There are laws,Employers policies,Education centers policies for protecting women against such crimes.person doing it should get punished .That's why to prevent it happening and to investigate and punish this heinous act it is necessary to report it. Sharing such acts with others will help them understand what constitutes atrocity on women and how it can be dealt with. Sharing will strengthen others and help to remover fear from their mind.

First step women should not keep quite and bear any kind of abuse at home or outside home. Many women are afraid of hurt by harasser being blamed, embarrassed by their own people and society. That fear should be removed by family ,friends and society .People around victim instead of blaming should support her to face such situations . Every family should treat girls and boys 
equally . Educate boys to respect women and prepare girls to protect themselves against any atrocious act .

It is important for any society / nation to protect ,to respect women. Protecting dignity of women is major task and It's not single individual or government policy who can do this but every individual has to to decide and work for protecting women .As women can perform well , show their creativity ,working and learning ability when they feel safe and equal. Let us all decide and work together to make our society more safe place for our daughters ,sisters, mothers and all women around.

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