Tips for how to be happy mommy always

Being mommy is tough job and there are times when mommies get tired ,stressed , frustrated and feel ignored too . Who likes piling dirty dishes in sink , empty fridge , buckets of dirty clothes , food spread on flour and kids yelling for un complete homework,  anyone may get scared to see such a house .But just relax mommy take a deep breath and think “ This won't last , and it will also pass” Be peppy and enjoy this moment too .Probably after few days you will miss cleaning so dirty house ,clothes and diapers . You may long for these naughty moments, small rabbit tooth , lovey dovy talks ,cuddles ,giggles  wont come again as kids will grow up .
Mommy it is extremely important to be Happy in life as happy parents can raise happy kids .
And happy kids can be smarter and brighter too. Happy mommy leads to happy and healthy family. Being cheerful is just an easy thing , you have to make a habit of it and always see positive side of situation.

1. When don't want to cook
Cooking always 3 course meal or 4 box tiffin is not necessary mommy. When you don't want to enter kitchen just book a table in your favorite restaurant and enjoy your meal .It's absolutely ok to have outside food or order food from outside .And if available look for kids friendly restaurant as your kids can also play and enjoy food with you. Or other option just prefer cooking one dish /pot meal like pasta, noodles , Vegetable pulao/khichadi . Cooking one dish meal not only saves time but also it saves cooking efforts , energy as well.

2. When extremely tired
Mommy when you are dead tired just have a nap helps . When “I can't do it anymore ” signal is given by your body and mood , just stop there , Don't drag yourself and get more tired. Continuous working is not possible for anyone ,so don't expect it from yourself as well. Just forget about work at office , work at home and never ending To Do's list and enjoy a nap,or listen music or do anything which will make you feel fresh . And start working when you feel fresh ,energetic again .

3. When worried
Worrying is not going to solve any problem ,but there are times when you are very much worried , stressed . Just don't bear it alone. in this era of technology parents , best friends, colleagues are just a phone call away. Just make a call to them talk about your fear , worry or just plan a meet with them .Discussing with other fellow moms ,friends ,parents help to relive stress and also it gives their idea and their opinions on your problem .Many time very big problem for us become very small when we see at it from others perspective .

4. When house is on dirt
Try to take a help from helpers if possible for household cleaning ,cooking ,laundry activities. Ask help from husband ,parents and some small favors from kids as well . Doing everything alone makes that work look more difficult. Prioritize tasks and then do. Avoid doing less priority tasks when you have full plate of high priority tasks.

5. When you feel very low
Some time when kids are busy in studies ,school ,activities and pappa is busy with his office work mommy may feel ignored ,lonely . To avoid it ,make friends ,talk with fellow mommies , join meet ups and never ignore yourself. Pamper yourself with spas ,massages , parlor visits , kitty parties . these activities will help to be away from loneliness. Pursuing any hobby is great idea too. It gives feeling of achieving something when you see your creation ,your work .
So mommy what are you waiting for ? Just be away from anxiety ,depression, negative thoughts and be peppy always  .

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