Things To Be Taken Care Of While Buying Baby Cots or cribs

Yes! I am pregnant.” This is one of the most blessed words that a woman can utter in her entire life, the moment that announces that she is soon going to be a mother. Things around you will begin to change suddenly, your body will see changes, it aches, you will get cramping, your tummy begins to grow and most importantly, you will realize that you are now not single but a body with two lives! The moment you realize that you are going to become a parent in another nine months, preparations will begin to welcome the new member to your home.
A to-be mom will start knitting clothes for her baby while to-be dad makes sure that the entire house is decorated and furnished to welcome the new member. The first thing that any to-be parents will think of buying will be a baby cot, the place where their tiny tot will have the best sleep. A lot of things are needed to be taken care of prior buying baby cots like material, size ,color,designs and accessories like mattress,pillows to be used inside it. 

Check out certain factors that parents need to take care of before buying baby cots
1. A new born baby will be sleeping 85-90% of its time during the early days of birth. Means, baby will be spending around 60% of its time inside the baby cot, for a sound sleep. So, make sure that you buy only such baby cots that can provide comfortability . Wooden baby cots will be a great choice. 
2. It is good you do a research well before deciding on buying the cots. Search for the price, quality and check it with your budget.

3. Before buying the cot, decide the place where you plan to fix the cot and measure the space to ensure that you get the cot of the right size. Buy adjustable baby cots. As adjustable cots are available now in markets that can help to adjust its size as per baby's growing age. 
4. Ensure that you buy soft,cotton mattress and pillows to keep inside baby cot. It will give a soft and comfortable zone for the tiny tot to get a sound sleep. Prefer light colors for the bedding and pillows. 
5. Try buying portable baby cots so that it will be useful to you while you are traveling with your baby. You can prefer the foldable or the adjustable baby cots available. as well so that they can be cornered while not in use. 
6. You can try buying baby cots online as you have ample of options to choose from. You can buy it according to your budget, right size etc. You can get even the beds and the pillows from online stores like firstcry for your baby along with the cot from online stores that sell baby products. Use FirstCry Coupons to get discounts while you make the purchase.Buy wooden beds online at affordable rates. Check out Amazon for buying them. Do not forget to use Amazon Coupons to enjoy discounts on your online purchase. 
7. There are various kinds of baby cribs available and make sure that you get the one that suits your home and the necessity. Very large baby cot won't fit the small room.Don't go by the price but go by the quality and the usefulness. 
8. Prefer buying cot that comes with mosquito net so that your baby will not be bitten by mosquitoes or any other insects, interrupting their sound sleep. Buy cribs with mosquito nets online. Buy bed linen that can pamper your baby while sleeping on these cots. Get them through stores like Jabong where you can buy branded products. Use Jabong coupons to get better discounts on these products while you purchase. 
9. Last but not the least; ensure that the baby crib/cot is not damaged and is in proper condition . Check if it meets the safety standards. Like your kid should not hurt /fall down from it. All the parts of cot should be of good quality and material. After all it is your baby’s safety that is more important.

As mentioned earlier, buying cot for your baby will serve no purpose later. Because it is something which is not going to be more used once the baby grows up. So, there is no point in spending a lot for the baby cot and later dumping it somewhere in the corner of the house. Looking out for used cots or even borrowing baby cots from your relatives or friends if they are in good condition ,will save money.

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