Peanut and jaggery ladoos

Peanut ladoos are extremely nutritious as Peanuts are rich source of proteins,vitamin E, folate,fats and niacin. jaggery is rich in calcium and iron. These ladoos make ideal snack for growing kids, pregnant women and people having low hemoglobin.As iron in it helps to increase hemoglobin very fast.
For making this quickest and easiest snack only 3 ingredients are required.Mortar pastel is used for making pieces of jaggery.
Quantity /proportion of jaggery used in these ladoos can be varied as per sweetness requirement.Using home made ghee gives ladoos aromatic taste. Store these ladoos in air tight container and it has very good shelf life.Make sure to use good quality and soft jaggery for making these ladoos as hard jaggery dosen't get mixed with peanuts powder.

Preparation time :30 min
Cooking time:30 min
Peanuts 2 cups
jaggery 1 cup
Ghee 1/2 cups or as per requirement
Directions to cook:
  1. For making peanuts powder :
  2. Clean peanuts using clean cotton cloth.
  3. Roast peanuts in kadhai/pan on low flame till dark black spots appear on peanuts.it takes around 10 to 15 minutes for roasting 2 cups peanuts.Nutty aroma comes when peanuts get roasted.
  4. Grind peanuts in grinder to get coarse peanut powder. Don't make very fine powder as it may become sticky.Coarse peanut powder taste more good than fine powder.
  5. For making jaggery powder:
    Break jaggery into pieces using mortar pastel.
  6. Grind jaggery in grinder to get fine jaggery powder.
  7. Mix peanuts powder ,jaggery powder in big vessel/ bowl.
  8. Heat kadhai and add ghee in it.Once ghee melts switch off gas.
  9. Pour melted hot ghee in peanut and jaggery mixture and mix well .
  10. Form small circular shape ladoos of mixture by pressing it with hands.Peanuts jaggery ladoos are ready and store ladoos in air tight container.
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