Thandai flavoured sewai kheer

Desserts have very important place in every house and these are the special dish / preparation on festivals, birthdays ,anniversaries ,holidays or any special occasions. There is no celebration complete without desserts.
Sewai kheer is very simple and quick desert recipe and It has many variations and most commonly cooked dessert. This is thandai masala infused sewai kheer.I have added thandai masala in sewai kheer and its perfect thandai flavored dessert.Celebrate holi with thandai flavored sewai kheer and feel refreshed with its cooling properties.

Cooking time:35 min
Sewai 1 cup
Full cream Milk 3 cups
Water 1 cup
Sugar 1/ 4cup
Ghee 2 tea spoon
Almond 4 pieces for garnishing
Thandai masala 1 tb spoon
Directions to cook:
  1. Heat thick bottom pan /kadhai and add ghee in it.
  2. After melting ghee add sewai in it and roast sewai for 5-6 minutes.
  3. Add water and milk in kadhai while stirring.
  4. Add more milk if required.Milk quantity depends on the consistency required.
  5. Sprinkle thandai masala powder while cooking kheer.
  6. Cook sewai kheer on very low flame.sewai takes time to cook ,keep on stirring in between.
  7. It takes around 8-9 minutes to cook kheer.Check if sewai cooked and switch off gas.
  8. Sewai kheer is ready .While serving garnish with almond pieces and saffron strands.
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