Saffron and pistachios ice cream or kesar pista ice cream

How to make saffron pistachios ice cream at home
Ice cream is must have dessert in hot summer. Eating chilled ice cream gives much relief in hot weather.If ice cream is home made then its double fun for children.Ice cream with fruit pulps like mango ice cream ,strawberry ice cream are full of nutrition with taste.
Posting simple home made kesar  pista (Saffron /pistachios )ice cream recipe for this hot summer.
All ingredients of this ice cream are easily available and i  have not used any ice cream mix for making it.
For making ice cream soft it needs to be whisked/beaten few times in mixer / using  beater .Enjoy making this saffron pistachios ice cream and ans serve  with any choice of toppings.

Cooking time:25 min
  • Milk (Full cream ) 1/2 litre
  • Milk cream 2 tb spoon
  • Sugar 1 cup
  • Pistachios 10 pieces finely chopped
  • Saffron strands 7-8
  • Corn flour 1 tb spoon
Directions to cook:

1. Mix corn flour with 2 tb spoon of milk to make fine corn flour paste of it. Keep it aside.
2. Add full cream milk in thick bottom big pan.Bring it to boil and add sugar in it.
3. When sugar dissolves add corn flour paste in milk while stirring it .Make sure to avoid lumps.
4. Mix saffron strands in 2 tb spoon of milk  and dissolve it.
5. Milk will start thickening after some time .
6. Add saffron and milk  mixture in thickened milk.
7. Add finely chopped pistachios pieces in milk while stirring.
8. Simmer thickened milk on low flame for 4-5 minutes.
9. Switch off gas and beat thickened milk with a beater /mixer.Keep it aside.
10. Beat milk cream separately using beater / mixer for whipping it .
11. Mix whipped milk cream and above thickened milk.
12. Keep this mixture of whipped cream and thickened milk/ kesar pista ice cream in ice cream box (Aluminium box )and close lid tightly .
13. Keep ice cream filled  box in freezer for setting ice cream.
14. After 1 hour take it out from freezer and beat or whisk again with mixer.Its necessary to make ice cream more softer.
15. Keep kesar pista ice cream in freezer for setting again. It will take 3-4 hours to set ice cream.
16. Serve kesar pista or saffron pistachio  ice cream with any choice of toppings.

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