Pampers Active baby diapers - Product review

I have been using pampers diapers for my 18  months old toddler since her birth. I have used Pampers new baby diapers when she was  infant , as her doctor suggested to use these diapers  for her. Initially i was worried for selecting diapers for my baby ,but her doctor solved this problem with pampers diapers. Since then she is habitual to use pampers diapers. And now using pampers  active baby diapers for her , who loves to run and jump  around  all the  time.

Pampers active baby diapers  are perfect for my baby and she enjoys playing  wearing it.
Its made up of very soft material which is gentle on my baby's  delicate skin. She never faced diaper rashes  wearing  these diapers. Actually  diaper  rashes is  common problem faced by many babies. And being parent its important to select right  diapers for child.Time to time I have checked  how it is on my babies skin.And till now it's going great as my child never faced any rash problem wearing diapers.
Its feather light and easy to use too which makes her more comfortable wearing diapers.Though  I am planning to switch  to pampers  pants  soon for my baby.As i find Pampers pants are easy to use for toddlers.Only concern is , I find it a bit costlier. But as my baby is happy  and healthy wearing pampers  active baby diapers ,I am happy with it. 
Now I happily refer pampers active baby diapers to my friends and family who have young babies and toddlers.
You can find more details about their products on pampers website 

This post is sponsored post by Pampers.Thank you pampers for sending wonderful diapers for my baby.She loved it.
Photo credit :http://www.in.pampers.com/product/active-baby
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