Shikekai ayurvedic home made shampoo powder

How to make Shikekai or home made  ayurvedic shampoo
I was thinking to post about this since long ,but somehow it got delayed. Home made ayurvedic shikekai shampoo powder has helped me to lessen hair fall so I thought it will be useful to someone who's looking for it.
When I faced hair fall problem (Post delivery) I started searching home remedies and solutions to stop it.It was most difficult thing to see bunch of hairs in my comb while combing. I feared to wash , comb or even touch my hairs. And  then  a friend of mine  suggested me to use all natural /herbal products instead of using any chemicals for hair  as  chemicals  may harm hairs . And that's how I got introduced to wonderful  shikekai.

Actually  Shikekai is used from centuries by many generations to clean hairs and body too. Its fruit of tree and it lathers and makes a foam like soaps when mixed with water.I knew about shikekai but i never used it as i thought its difficult to make it every time for applying on  hairs. 
Shikekai has health benefits as it is rich in vitamins C,A and E and antioxidants , which help for healthy hair growth. It helps to provide required nutrition to hairs and thus increasing in hair growth , lessen hair fall and strengthen hair roots while giving conditioning them.So many health benefits of single fruit ,isn't it great.

Shikekai fruit is to be  boiled  in water to get its extracts for using it . But now using shikekai is not cumbersome ,no  need of cleaning and boiling shikeaki fruits  ,as numerous brands have ready made  shikekai powders (Shikekai fruits are dried and made powders of it ) available in market and they can be used just by making paste of them with water.
Readymade ,processed shikekai powders serve the same purpose as that of fruits . But I followed some  different procedure to make shikekai ayurvedic shampoo powder at home, I have added other ayurvedic powders in shikekai powder to make ayurvedic home made shampoo powder which is very effective. Other ayurvedic powders are added in some proportion with shikekai powder ,but it can be changed as per requirement. Generally these powders are added in shikekai or hair pack in following quantity. For beautiful , shiny hairs henna (Mehendi )packs can be made adding spoonful of following mixture and results are amazing.
Following ayurvedic powders along with shikekai powder are mixed to make ayurvedic natural shampoo powder. This powders can be availed from any ayurvedic medical store or mogadpalli store. Every powder in it has its own health benefits as they are totally natural and chemical free. Some are fruits like shikekai (amla , ritha )and some are peels of fruits like orange peel. Ritha is used for conditioning hairs.Brahmi is used to strengthen  hair roots. These powders are made after drying fruits,peels. Just mix all powders and store in dry container to use for many days.
After repeated use of this home made shampoo not only hairs become silky and shiny but healthy too . Use shikekai for shiny, silky smooth hairs and it smells very good as well.

  1. Shikekai powder 200 grams
  2. Amala Powder 50 grams
  3. Ritha powder 50 grams
  4. Mandur powder 50 grams
  5. Jaswand powder 50 grams
  6. Maka powder 50 grams
  7. Santra sal powder (Orange peel)50 grams
  8. Brahmi powder 50 grams
  9. Bawachi powder 50 grams
  10. Jatamasi powder 50 grams
  11. Kachora powder 50 grams
  12. Nagarmotha powder 50 grams
  13. Korfad (Alovera) powder 50 grams
How to use shikekai or home made ayurvedic shampoo

1. Mix all powders in required quantity together and make a mixture of them.
2. Store this ayurvedic shampoo powder in dry container.
3.For using it:
Take 1 tea spoon of powder and add it in hot water.(Quantity of this powder depends on the length of hair.For long hairs  more shikekai powder will be required to clean)
4. Let it rest for 2 minutes.
5. Apply this paste on hair and scalp.
6. Wash it while rinsing with water.
7. If necessary apply one more time in similar way and wash hairs to clean.

Disclaimer :
This post is just for sharing information about shikekai.Its not medical advice or medical  suggestion.
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  1. Thanks sangeetha.. yeah its very useful..as free from chemicals..

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