Teaching children importance of sharing

I like to have get together with friends once a while. It gives me time to meet my friends, fellow moms and also its play date for my children. These get  together becomes fun time for my complete family.
Recently i visited my friend Sheena. She invited 2-3 friends and their children for a small get together at her home. Me and my kids were excited as I met sheena after 7 long years and kids always like to have play date with other children.
Sheena is mother of 5 year old karan . Karan is cute kid who loves to collect toy cars and bikes. He is having huge collection of toy vehicles ,as wherever he goes he finds one for him to play. Being only child karan is pampered and loved by everyone in family.

After introduction to each other at sheena's house all children started playing and we mothers got busy in chatting.Everything was going fine till children saw karan's collection of toy cars and bikes ,everybody got fascinated with it and wanted to play with karans toys. karan don't like the fact that any other child touches his toys.Initially he asked all children not to touch his toys as they belong to him. But kids being kids they kept on trying to take his toys.It followed with his crying and screaming. Sheena tried all ways to console him and telling him to share toys only for few minutes with everyone.But karan was stubborn and not ready to accept other children playing with his toys.
We tried to take our kids attention away from karan's toys . We tried to calm karan for a while. But one kid found toy car below the sofa ,and as soon as karna saw his car in her hand, he started hitting . The kid been rescued from karan ,but karan didn't calmed and started throwing things in the house to hit other kids.Other children followed crying story and it became difficult for us to control them. By all of our efforts also Karan didn't calm. And karan's mother slapped him to stop him from hitting other children. Sheena was almost crying and feeling very embarrassed.

This is when she discussed with us ,that karan is not getting mingled with other children and that's why he is not having friends.No one wants to come and play with him. He is not sharing his belongings and hitting other children. Sheena was feeling helpless and has stopped going out or calling children at home because of karan's aggressive behaviour. Karan was getting restricted to mingle with other children and Sheena is scared , if it continues no one will be karan's friend he will be alone.

Sheena has taken many efforts already by bringing number of toys , teaching him to share. But she was feeling clueless to see karan's behaviour, and slapping him isn't the right way.
In this situation no one is at fault.Sheena is not the only mother who is facing this problem ,but there are many mom who are sailing in the same boat. Whose kids get into fight because of not sharing their belongings.Children are innocent and for every parent their child is precious . Actually upbringing children is wonderful and continues journey. At every stage there are different issues and facts to deal with.Parents should be calm and careful as kids may feel hurt.

To find out solution of this problem we fellow mummies have discussed and came up with few tips to teach  children  importance of sharing. Following are few points from fellow moms who are trying their best to teach children importance of sharing.Its been said early childhood education helps children to grow with values. Every mommy has her own experiences and tips. 
Following are some tips collected for teaching children importance of sharing :
Help children to become social:
When children meet other children regularly or more often they learn social skills and how to behave with others. School ,classes ,activity centers are really helpful for this. Try to accompany children to family gatherings , birthday parties , festive occasions ,where they can meet other children ,adults.

By narrating stories :
Children love to listen stories as they learn to imagine from them.Parents can try teaching kids value of sharing by using stories. Frame a story which narrates importance of sharing ,or how sharing helps everyone.Sharing your things give happiness ,blessings, and many friends too.

By enacting:
Try to show importance of sharing by acting. As children are great observers and learners they learn by looking at adults in the house. Show a small act of sharing your things with your friends ,family , helpers.Share your food ,books ,accessories with others and tell your child how sharing gives happiness to all.When you are sharing a food or gift with your helper ,your child is going to observe it  and follow it.

Take help of cartoons :
Children love cartoons undoubtedly.If their favorite cartoon is kind to others they will also try to be kind. While playing these cartoons seat with your child and explain what is sharing ? How favorite cartoon character has done great job of sharing.Children definitely get influenced by their favorite cartoons charectors and their kind acts.

Schools are the places where children spend  maximum time and learn new things. If school arrange knowledge sharing session on how to share ?  for teaching children it will be great.More than their parents children listen to their teachers and this exactly thing will help them to learn good values. Teachers can set examples by sharing  things and also should appreciate students on their sharing acts.

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