Easy workable ways for shifting house with children

Just now i have shifted house to another country and shifting everything with two small kids was biggest challenge for me. At one side  we  were leaving family ,friends, own house and it was emotionally tough. And other side was shifting  along with two little kids.It was difficult to leave all beautiful memories behind and start again fresh at new place. But for my husband's  job we have to shift to new place.It goes on like this.
I have done shifting of house many times in the past (  Husband's work ) and every time i shifted house i felt lost with my own stuff while packing and unpacking. I got exhausted and super tired  all these times . That's why  this time i decided to be more systematic  and do planned packing and unpacking for hassle free shifting. started packing /unpacking/ planning of all stuff much before actual date of shifting. I made lists of things and list list of  To-Do's. From children's school certificates to medical reports Collected everything before hands. I learnt few things from my past shifting experiences  to avoid this lost feeling and here are few things which i take care now while shifting house. Try these workable tricks for convenient shifting of house


While shifting house lots of things have to be taken care like from  selecting between containers /couriers movers and packers. if shifting furniture the get estimate from movers like container 
are good for shifting furniture,But for stuff like clothes/ utensils courier services are also ok.
And for international shifting its again difficult to find out perfect mode of transfer. There are various companies available with variety of rates from cheaper to expensive. Select proper option like transfer by ship, transfer by air, transfer by road  and  then get  best  deals for it with regionable rates. Bargain before finalizing provided rates.  Make sure to send all stuff prior to reaching at your destination so that on reaching destination everything is already available. I selected reliable courier service for sending all household stuff.


Sort everything in groups which you want to pack for taking along with.Make separate groups of all things like Clothes , Books , Toys ,Medicines , Utensils ,Electronic gadgets ,crockery .Count the items and make list of it.Keep this list with you for verifying while packing and unpacking.
Sorting in this way makes packing very easy. Similar things can be packed together.
Electronics gadgets have different packing for protecting them from damages. Bubble wrap are used mostly. Throw all unnecessary things which are not used or won't be used . I have thrown many broken toys (Which my kids were not playing with and still were lying in their toy baskets) , old cloths, school bags , pile of newspapers , old books . Its better to donate these things to needy instead of throwing.


Weighing is necessary when you are shifting stuff by air/Courier/Ships for charging . Weighing scale is important gadget as everything can be weighed and packed for future reference and charging . By weighing prior final estimate can be bargained for good deal. Digital weighing scales are easily available and can be used with convenience.


Pack all weighted things in separate boxes. pack boxes as per need like kitchen utensils in separate box.Bath essentials in separate box . bedroom accesaries in separate box.mention it clearly on box by marker.
  • Kitchen box (Pack all utensils and kitchen aids)
  • Bedroom box (Pack all bed sheets,blankets,quilts,pillow covers,pillows)
  • Toys box(Pack all toys by sorting like plastic ,soft toys)
  • Crockery (Bubble wrap and pack crockery separately)
By packing things in above way half of the work gets done by this trick as while setting home no need to find out things. Just check the details written outside and open the box and arrange things in respective room . I packed separate box for children as they need so many things .And it becomes difficult to face their tantrums when kids don't get favorite doll while sleeping or favorite plate while eating. This marked packing helped me lot and of super convenience.


Select (Lift) a box according to rooms. Like enter kitchen with boxes on which kitchen is written. And just start unpacking and setting simultaneously.For setting children room i got everything from clothes to favorite soft toys and from tooth brush to their regular vitamins on time. I just opened the boxes and within 20 minutes i could set kids room as well.Involve your kids also in setting their rooms.Assign small work like separating toys , clothes , towels,books  and clothes  folding to children. Believe me kids will love to help you and enjoy setting new house.Don't 
hesitate to take help from husband, friends or helper for initial cleaning and setting things.As doing everything alone may worsen the lost feeling and unnecessary tiredness.

packed all extremely necessary things for traveling  like children's clothes ,food shoes is separate bag.Traveling along with children is tedious task so make a list of all essential things before hand and don't pack these things with your main boxes packing.Also carry lots of dry snacks , fruits and food necessary while traveling and dry snacks can be used for initial few days at new place.By following these pre planned tips it saved my lots of energy and time too. This time shifting of house and all stuff  became pleasure.

photo credit: Moving Day via photopin (license)

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