5 easy tips for teaching children how to write

I was anxious to teach my four year old daughter how to write? Actually i don't like today's trends in education of early and fast learning. As I feel kids should enjoy their childhood fullest the way we have enjoyed. Playing ,running ,jumping , exploring and enjoying fullest. When i was 4 year i could hardly do any of the things that today's children do ..
But i had to change my views as siya's school has started teaching writing exercises. And she wasn't able to grasp writing letters. Its' important to be competitive as we have to go with the flow. Siya refused to write as her wrist pains while writing .Then she reasoned she can't write like her teacher so she dosen't want to write. Actually patience is key point while teaching new thing to children and ahh i lack in that only. Every time we sat down to write ,siya gave me new reason not to write. I had to change my way and so I started with explaining her importance of writing, how it can help us to show what we know and how we have to write in exams to get marks.
Slowly she picked up the interesting writing process and there was no bound to my joy.I was proud mommy to say everyone that my four year old is writing.My efforts were fruit full and i adored writing with her in most cute ways.

1. Blank papers

Initially she refused seating with me for writing. It was completely new for her to seat at one place and do anything. As young kids get bored easily and are always on run. So I shifted writing table in her play area at her room . Writing in her play area was something like playing for her and then she agreed to seat with me for learning how to write. We started with blank papers crayons and pencils. I asked her to write anything she likes to write most . And she started with drawing her favorite baloons only. Initial few days we drawn loads of pictures only and she drawn paper full of different shaped baloons.Something is always better than nothing and now siya's wrist pain also vanished with baloons.First step was drawing for siya.


Stencils oh how can i forget this modern slates. They have helped too much to me and siya in learning writing.Stencils provide perfect practice of writing.I got different types of stencils including numbers, alphabets ,shapes. Siya loved to draw various shapes the most using stencils and later she would stare at her perfect drawing using stencils.She learned lines ,curves using stencils.Then i could see a letter, a number in between her paintings, drawings .This surprise writing was great feeling to see my child learning . she gives such many little surprises and i feel very happy to see new development.


We used tracing books available in market .Tracing books has numbers , alphabets given in dotted format. It has plenty of pages for practicing . Children have to connect these dots to complete writing . Siya loved tracing numbers more than alphabets. We selected letter a day to trace and that worked. She traced numbers and then letters. Tracing hindi alphabets was difficult for her as it has more curves.Rest numbers and english alphabets was easy to learn for her.

4.Writing books

Writing books are ideal option for practicing writing. Writing books has proper grids allocated for writing letters ,numbers ,alphabets. Its perfect space and thus children learn how to write uniformly. We started with numbers, alphabets and then hindi alphabets . For step by step writing process we followed 5 alphabets /numbers in a day.
Whenever she completed writing alphabets in book she shown it to me with feeling of accomplishment.As she knew this new art of writing it was showing everywhere in house and play ground as well. Writing numbers on walls ,floor and in the sand on beach were new favorite pass-time for my kido.


For everyone (including adults also ) appreciation is key factor for encouragement and children are no exception. If we appreciate them with everything they do ,their confidence will boost.
When she picked writing habits and started writing letters ,numbers , her face would sparkle with beam of joy. The joy of accomplishment and achievement. She would show me her achievements with proud.I decided to appreciate my child by giving (sticking star stickers on her notebook). She got encouraged every time she got a star from me and wrote everything with more enthusiasm.It was biggest reward for me to see siya writing letters ,numbers and words too.

photo credit: 150929 via photopin (license)
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