Breakfast date for mommy

 The title of this post sounds funny right ? Date ? That too on breakfast ? How'd that possible? Who wants to get ready for the date so early in the morning ? And why would  mommy  wants  to  go on date ?
Stop !!stop !!. So many questions flashing on your mind after reading this title. Same was my situation , when i heard this for the first time. Being mother of two children i hardly get time to go out , I just go out when it's extremely necessary to go and going on date it's distant dream.
I take my breakfast and meals with my husband and children ,sometimes we invite few friends at home for dinners or lunch. That's  it and so i felt date and all is not for me.
But.. (Big but) It's an amazing experience when first time i went on this breakfast date and now have decided to go for breakfast date every alternate weekday.
Wait.. I didn't go for breakfast date with my husband or with my children , It wasn't in any favorite hotel , but i went along with my friends who are also mommies.
We  are group of mommies and some of us have planned on this breakfast dates for weekday mornings.
Basically its breakfast get together arranged by one of friend in her house. After her husband left for office and children went to schools she cooked few dishes (or can store bought if anyone  dosen't wish to cook )and invited 6 of friends at her home.
Eating fresh , hot breakfast and that to ready made was most luxury for all mommies. As being mommy everybody has to wake up early ,cook breakfast and lunch ,packing lunch boxes ,getting children ready for school are on high priority list. Eating breakfast takes back seat and by the time mommy seats for eating breakfast it's ice cold... :-)

But on this date it was totally different experience .. everyone could eat just cooked hot breakfast peacefully and that too on time.( At home mommy has to get up from her seat 15 times while eating also ,as someone wants pen /pencil/book/uniform ). We played music ,talked on many things with each other. We shared many ideas and thoughts on parenting ,recipes and fuzzy eating habits of kids .And most important sat relax for a while in her home garden.

Only problem is mommy who has arranged this breakfast date was the one who cooked everything and arranged it for all. She was busy continuously and couldn't enjoy much  free time.But she can enjoy all next 6 breakfast dates when other mommies have turn for arranging it. In this way everyone of us can enjoy breakfast dates.

Sometimes mommy in the house  too needs a break .The same routine becomes monotonous and other family members are busy with their studies ,office and other activity. Thus  mommy may get less attention and time  from them .This idea of breakfast date is really interesting and refreshing too as you can meet your friends often .As its for breakfast it won't much disturb schedules of children and others. It gives chance of expressing thoughts and feelings to others which  is really helpful for being stress free and happy. Give a try on it and enjoy your weekday breakfast with different way.

photo credit: City Parad via photopin (license)
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