Puffed rice or murmura chiwada

How to make  Puffed rice/ murmura chiwada
Puffed rice chiwada  was the popular snacks in my childhood. It was like today's maggi.. 2 minute snacks for us .I enjoyed eating this chiwada on the go as a child and now as well.And yeah its actually few minutes recipe , and requires very few ingredients  I often make it for my kids. No doubt I get feeling of my childhood  while relishing it with them. 
Now about name murmura chiwada , in Marathi puffed rice is called as murmura otherwise it can be called as puffed rice snacks. Puffed rice chiwada  is crunchy , spicy and light snacks. Murmura is said to be light on digestion. And it has its many variations. Just alter some of the ingredients and chiwada will be of different taste .Its festival recipe  in maharashtra l and must have part of Diwali snacks/  faral. This  simple chiwada is used as main ingredient  for making chats like  bhelpuri , dry bhel.As it has very good shelf life it can be used for months without getting spoiled.After making chiwada let it cool and store in air tight container and then use it for many purposes like making bhel ,instant bhel with only cut tomatoes,chilies and onions or just have it as a snacks.

Cooking time:10 minutes
Ingredients :
·      Murmura puffed rice  5 cups
·      Peanuts 1/2 cups
·      Curry leaves 8-9
·      Garlic cloves 6 to 7
·      Salt as per taste
·      Chili powder ½  tea spoon
·      Pinch of Asafodita
·      Cumin  powder  ½  tea spoon
·      Coriander powder ½  tea spoon
·      Oil  2 tea spoons

Directions to cook:

1.    Heat heavy bottom pan and pour oil in it.
2.    Add mustard and cumin seeds in it. After seeds splutter add asafoetida , crushed  garlic, curry leaves  and saute.
3.    Add  roasted  peanuts  in oil and  add chili, turmeric, cumin, coriander powder and salt in it.
4.    Saute  this mixture for few seconds and switch off the gas as  spices may get burnt easily.
5.    Add murmura / puffed rice  in it and mix well.Make sure spices coat puffed rice evenly.
6.    Switch on the gas  and stir chiwada for 3-4 minutes to make it crunchy.
7.    Switch off the gas and let it cool for 15-20 minutes. Dont cover it with lid. 
8.   Once it gets cooled store it in air tight container and it has shelf life of many weeks.

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