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How to make Katachi amati / Chana daal amati
As festivals are  round the corner and  preparation in kitchen are in full swing. Diwali/ Dipawali is biggest festival celebrated across india and many types of delicacy are relished on the occasions.
katachi amati is one such recipe made as accompaniment with puran poli,its famous dish in maharashtra.  Katachi amti is spicy daal /lentils  made using stock of chana daal which is strained for making puran /Sweet stuffing. 
Raw spices like cinnamon,cloves,stone flower, shaha jeera, cloves , cardamom, bay leaves are used.
and thus various spices used in it make it spicy and hot in taste.This perfectly compensates the sweet taste of puran poli.
Instead ready made Garam masala/ Goda masala can also be used, But i prefer using freshly ground spice powder for more aromatic and flavourful katachi amati.
These spices are dry roasted in a pan and then grinded in mixer to add in katachi amati.There are many different variations in this daal recipe and tomatoes ,tamrind are also used for giving it tangy touch.But i have different version of this amti which is not tangy in taste .

Cooking Time :60 min
  •     Chana dal /Bengal gram 1 cups
  •     Onions  2
  •     Curry leaves
  •     Garlic cloves 3   
  •     Turmeric powder 1/4 tea spoon
  •     Cinnamon 2 sticks 1 inch long
  •     Cloves 5-6
  •     Stone flower 4-5
  •     Stars -4-5
  •     peppercorns 7-8
  •     Cardamom 2
  •     Coconut 7-8 small pieces
  •     Chili powder  1 tea spoon
  •     Coriander powder 1/4 tea spoon
  •     Cumin seeds powder 1 tea spoon
  •     Oil 2 tb Spoon
  •     Salt as per taste
  •     Water 2 cup
Directions to Cook :

1. Pressure cook chana daal in cooker for 4-5 whistles.
2. After cooling daal strain it using strainer. Keep this stock of chana daal aside.
3.Grind  2 tb spoon of chana daal with some water in mixer.
4. Dry roast all spices one by one with drop of oil in a pan.Keep it aside.
5. Roast coconut pieces with drop of oil in kadhai and keep it aside.
6. Grind all roasted spices together in mixer with some water.Keep this spices paste aside.
7. Remove covers of onions  and roast them on stove for 8-9 minutes.Keep it aside.
8. Grind roasted coconut and onion with some water.
9. Heat oil in kadhai and add cumin seeds , mustard and asafoetida in oil to crackle seeds.
10. Add curry leaves in oil and saute for a minute.
11.Add spices paste and saute for a minute.
12. Add coconut and onions paste and saute.
13. Add  chana  daal paste ,chili powder,salt and mix well.
14. Add cumin powder,turmeric,salt,coriander powder in pan and mix well.
15. Add chana daal stock which was strained from daal and mix all ingredients well.
16. Cook  katachi amati for 10 to 12 minutes and make sure to stir in between.
17. Serve hot katachi  amati with puran poli or steamed rice.

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