Egg mayo cheese sandwich

 How to make Egg mayo cheese sandwich

Healthy breakfast is necessary for  proper start of day.Its been said that eggs make perfect breakfast with their protein packed goodness.Egg mayo sandwich is one such healthy egg breakfast recipe which needs only few minutes to assemble. Give a try to egg mayo with cheese sandwiches and kick start your day.
This extra cheese added in  these sandwiches make it calcium rich and tasty too. I have used whole meal bread slices for making egg mayo cheese sandwiches ,you can use any breads available or as per choice.It is very quick to make as well just boil and cut eggs.Mix all ingredients and assemble sandwiches.
These soft ,lucious and creamy sandwiches is perfect indulge in breakfast for me and my family. For weight watchers use curd instead of mayoniese , but  fresh and preferably hung curd makes it more tasty.

·         Bread slices 6
·        Onions  1 chopped
·         Eggs 2
·         Chedar cheese 2 tb spoon
·         Salt as per taste
·         Mayonise  1 t spoon
·         Butter 1 tb spoon
·         Pepper powder 1 tea spoon

Directions To Cook:

1.   Take water in one pan and  place  eggs in it.
2.  Switch on gas and let eggs boil in water for 10-12 minutes.
3.  After eggs get cooled peel the eggs and cut into fine pieces.
4.  Cut the edges of the breads and  apply butter on one side of each breads.
5.    Mix  finely chopped eggs, onions , mayoniese ,cheese  in  one bowl.

6.   Add salt, pepper powder ,chili flakes in  it.
7.    Place this egg mixture on butter coated side of bread.
8.   Cover it with other bread slice and  cut into triangles.

9.   Serve  egg mayo cheese  sandwiches with  choice of  sauce.

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