Sabudana khichadi

How to make Sago/ sabudana khichadi For fast
Sago or sabudana khichadi is mostly used as food for fasts /vrat.Sabudana/ sago  can be used for making many fast recipes like sabudana vada, sabudana thalipith, roti , kheer etc.
Sabudana khichadi is quick recipe and very popular as breakfast or snack also.I often make it for breakfast to maintain variety.And my kids like  eating this small pearls. Its fun food for them and tasty breakfast for us.
 I m posting here simple to make sabudana khichadi for fast.It needs very few ingredients like soaked sago, potatoes,and roasted peanuts powder.For making roasted peanuts powder, roast peanuts and let them cool. After cooling grind peanuts to get coarse powder and store it in dry air tight container.This peanuts powder is multi purpose and can be used in many vegetable curries for thickening gravy and nutty taste.
Tips for Sabudana khichadi : Many times sabudana khichadi may turn sticky and it won't taste good.to avoid this problem use extremely less water for soaking sabudana.Just wash sabudana and drain all water from container.Cover the container and use it after 4-5 hours for making khichadi.In this way it wont be sticky and every pearl will be different.

Cooking time:20 minutes
Ingredients :
·      Sago/ Sabudana cups
·      Roasted  peanuts  powder 1/2 cups
·      Salt /Black salt as per taste
·      Green Chili chopped 4
·       Potato chopped 1
·       Sugar  ½  tea spoon
·      Oil  2 tea spoons

Directions to cook: 
  1. Wash and soak sago/sabudana in very little water for 4-5 hours.
  2. Peel and chop potatoes.Keep it aside.
  3. Heat heavy bottom pan and pour oil in it.
  4. Add chopped green chilies  and saute for a minute.
  5. Add  chopped potatoes and saute for 4-5 minutes.
  6. Once potatoes turn golden add soaked sago in pan.
  7. Add roasted peanuts powder ,salt and sugar in sago and mix well.
  8. Stir  sago while cooking  and sprinkle few drops of water if necessary.
  9. Cook sago for 6-7 minutes or till sago pearls look translucent.
  10. Sabudana/ sago  khichadi is ready to serve and can be served with curd .
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