How to make gulab jamuns

 How to make Gulab jamun /Gulab jamun recipe

Khoya / paneer balls deeped in sugar syrup is scrumptious dessert. Functions , parties and festivals are incomplete without this golden coloured gulab  jamuns.
I always make these golden jamuns dessert at home as it tastes much better than store brought gulab  jamuns.  Jamuns can be made from paneer ,milk powder or store brought ready made gulab jamun mix as well. There are many recipes for making gulab  jamuns but I find khoya gulab jamuns most tastiest and melt in mouth.
While  making gulab jamuns  I Keep sugar syrup on the gas for getting cooked with required consistency  and then make dough for making  jamuns and fry them in ghee/ oil. Till the time sugar syrup gets ready. And gulab jamuns can be used for 2-3 days as they have very good shelf life.

Cooking time:45 min
For making gulab jamuns:

·         Khoya / Dried evaporated milk solids  1 cups
·         Maida  ¾   cup
·         Milk ½ cup
·         Oil  for deep frying gulab  jamuns
·         Pinch of soda
·         Ghee 1 table  spoon
·         Cut dry fruits (Cashew ,almonds)1 tb spoon

For the sugar syrup
·      Water 3 cups
·      Sugar 1 cup
·      Pinch of Cardamom powder

Directions to cook:
For preparing sugar syrup

1.       Mix water and sugar  well in a bowl.
2.      Keep it on low flame for making sugar syrup it takes  35-40 minutes time to get thick syrup.
3.       Cook  it until  you  get  1  string  consistency  of  sugar  syrup. For checking consistency  take two drops of syrup on finger and with other finger touch and check if it forms 1 string.
4.      Sprinkle cardamom powder on sugar syrup.

For preparing Gulab jamuns

1.       Sieve maida  using  sieve to remove any impurity if any.
2.      Mash  khoya  in a bowl to make it soft if need sprinkle some milk in it to make it soft.
3.       Mix  maida , khoya , pinch of soda in a bowl and knead tight dough using milk.
4.      There should not be cracks to the dough add spoonful of ghee if necessary in dough and knead it.
5.      Cover the dough with wet cloth and keep it aside for 20 minutes.
6.      Make small even balls of dough if needed apply ghee to the hands.
7.       Deep fry balls on both sides in oil on low flame. It takes time to completely cook ball from inside.
8.      After frying gulab  jamuns deep them in sugar syrup.
9.      Garnish tasty gulab jamuns with cut dry fruits.

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