Kindergarten graduation ceremony

 Well graduation ceremony was something which i heard first time  in my life when i was studying in  engineering college. Till  my graduation study  i never knew  about it . There were many reasons  like , i was  eldest child in  my family and was first one to study Professional education and   it was the time when graduation  ceremony were mostly part of higher education in my city. I knew about convocation ceremony held at university after completion of degree education  and was excited for it.So i had similar expectations from my my kids as well. 
But  its not true as  time has changed and graduation ceremony is part of early education at school  level as well. Pre-school completion is  celebrated at schools.Recently i could attend  graduation ceremony of my daughter in her school after completion of her kindergarten education. Children enjoy their achievements after  completion of the  milestones. 

Siya  informed me about some event 15 days before actual day but i considered it as just like another  event at school and didn't have an idea that its celebration of her completion of pre school.As usual my little bunny was super excited for the event and according to her its coat and cap day for all students as her teacher had asked to wear coats and caps for it. 
One day after school siya wore her cap and  started acting  in front of mirror. I get stunned  every day with their new tricks , acts and knowledge. So i was curious to see new thing for the day, And  i  was startled  to see that my little bunny was practicing throwing cap in the air and posing for  perfect photo. With big beaming smile on my face i asked her about the at and she replied our school has arranged event for throwing caps in the air and posing for it ,  its called as  graduation  ceremony. I got to know new definition of graduation ceremony and probably the funniest  and innocent definition  ever i heard in my life.  
Not only  siya but  my 2 year old daughter also  started rehearsing  of throwing cap in the air .It made perfect game for the  duo and i couldn't stop laughing at them.Next step was  both of them jumped  for posing picture perfect . Kids are fast learners and good observers and they  learn many things from  their surroundings and  family. My younger one learns so many things from her older sister everyday.

For the big day all children practiced in school for 2 weeks and on the event day every one was set for performance on grand  stage. School invited all parents and teachers  for the event. The auditorium was fully decorated for the event and all students were getting ready at back stage. And finally the event started with  sarasawati vanadana (Prayer to goddess sarasawati) . Most amazing thing i found was  harmonium , tabala  were played by kindergarten students and singers were also students. The difficult  sanskrit prayer was beautifully sung by little kids.  And it followed by number of programs like skit , fashion show and dance by little children.With every small skit students expressed the social messages  and its important for society . The junior kindergarten students performed dance for wishing good luck to senior friends. It was the cutest  gesture   and farewell for senior students.
For all the parents it  was surprising to see small children performing on big stage with  confidence and  they felt proud  for their  child.Overall graduation day  was perfectly executed idea at my daughter’s school. Though initially i was reluctant to attend it , but after the  event  i was pretty much convinced that these events are important for development of children as they help  to build stage courage , confidence to perform and feeling of achievement.

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