Mission mars successful with #ColgateMagicalstories

Oral health care is important for avoiding many medical disorders  and early education about it is really helpful for better oral health. Colgate has launched new product range especially for children and the  product has “Cut and play  magical stories” which kids can cut and play with. 
It’ll definitely help children to  inculcate good dental habits while having fun.As kids love playing with interesting things and these Colgate’s special packs have fascinating characters inside it.   Children can make sets of these characters and weave in interesting stories out of it. These characters  give opportunity to children to discover a whole new world of imagination and  magical stories. This  activity will  help children to boost imagination and creativity.

When I received  colgate’ s new packs for product review I couldn’t resist opening the box to see it. I wasn’t much surprised when my 7 year old daughter  opened the colgate  boxes and her happiness knew no bounds. She was so much curious to see her new activity for the day. The boxes has  little information notes with characters .After seeing it  my daughter  yelled “Mom this is fantastic ,My favourite planets , solar system and astronauts too ? ”
Siya loves stickers arts crafts too much and  this  colgate pack activity has given an opportunity to play with  Solar system and planets . Siya has studied solar system in her school syllabus last year and know about it already .
To my surprise she started cutting the characters and wanted to carry astronauts to school. Little cute astronauts  were Hit in my house.  
She announced “ I’m going to be astronaut and its  me , now onward  I ll take it to school  and  tell everyone it’s my picture in future .“

Numerous combination of arrangements she has done with these cut outs. It was well spent afternoon with creative activity in hands.
When I asked her why little bunny wants to be astronaut?  and she replied
“It’s because she wants to go on mars and see how aliens go to school? ”
Mommy : “ There aren’t aliens and who told you they live on mars“
Siya replied “When teacher taught us about mars , my friend said  people on mars are called aliens and they look very funny. So I just want to look them . We ll go to mars and see them before coming back.”
Mommy  asked “We mean who ? are you going to take your friends too mars? ”
Siya  replied “ No mumma it’s you and papa .I want to take you for weekend trip to mars.”
Mommy dear gets amazed  every day to see my  kid’s  imaginations. As my little daughter is going to take me for mars mission as a weekend trip I was super happy. And our afternoon was  special and well spent with astronauts , solar system and planets .

We played and planned many things with solar system.My kid went to mars and her mission mars was successfully completed.She has given name mission mars to her new activity set and enjoyed playing with it.There are various other characters available in the colgate pack and now my daughter wants them all in her toy box.Along with the solar system she wants to make many other stories .

Thank you  very much colgate  for wonderful products and  activity for kids.  If you haven't tried it yet grab your pack from nearest store.Find out yours as well with colgate special packs and enjoy imagining with your children. Don’t  forget to Share your wonderful story with all.

 “I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.

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