More Indian than you think

Its media and advertisement’s world and we could see advertisements everywhere around us. There is one interesting add making rounds now and it’s by Lufthansa airlines. This brilliant add has made mark on my mind. It’s about the most beloved game of Indians –cricket.
There is a cricket team aspiring for victory against Indian team and it’s Coach. The coach says- if you want to beat Indians then think like Indians, eat like Indians, dance like Indians and fly like Indians. The advertisement and its message can make anyone smile with a lovely message. It shows what world thinks about Indians and their culture. We all know now Indians have made mark with their hard work and values everywhere. And not it’s great to see Indian values and culture benefiting people worldwide.
Present campaign by Lufthansa displays how Indian they are and their customized services. Lufthansa welcomes its passengers with the warm welcome “Namaste” on Flights. And serve delicious Indian food. All passengers are properly taken care by Lufthansa staff. Indians are known for their hospitality as they treat the guests as god and Lufthansa shows that incredible hospitality on its flight.  This definitely will give home like feelings and comfort to its passengers.
I want to share here my story which brightened my day. Being Indian has not only given me values to follow but an identity. An identity which makes me unique and different in crowd.  Being raised in middle class Indian family I have been taught to respect elders and care for them since my childhood. As like other Indian families where righteousness is given more importance than anything else. My parents made sure to teach all right things to me and now I’m passing it to my kids.
I live in foreign country and people around me know me by my nationality moreover than by my name. I have few elderly neighbours living around my apartment. Being mom of two kids I am out of the house many times for pick up and drop to schools, classes and playgrounds. Whenever I meet my neighbours I make sure to greet and talk with them. Whenever I’m in hurry I make sure to find few minutes to talk with aunties and uncles. And over the period of time we had very good bond of friendship in between us. Few of them guide me about parenting and child care as well. I like to talk with them and they enjoy my company too. One of my neighbour aunty, who is Chinese, told me “Today’s young generation is very busy in their fast lives. People hardly find time for elder people because they think elders don’t have anything happening to share with. Youngsters hardly bother about us .But you are so different my child, you always have time to talk with us. The two minutes talk with you brings the smile on our face. The concern which you show for us is greatest thing you have. Hats off to your wonderful upbringing and the values you follow. Be always same my child and spread happiness as you are doing now. Love you and gods bless you always!!”
And these precious blessings from aunty made my day; it was more than any trophy for me. I never thought my two minutes communication in jiffy was so much valued by them. Actually we all need to express our feelings and it’s great to meet someone who listens us with care .Listening carefully to others ,modesty, respecting elders has been taught to me since childhood and thus it comes naturally in my behaviour. I get happy if I could bring smile on someone’s face.
I feel I get blessed for my Indian values. Wonderful words by the aunty are for country I belong too. Now I know People around the world appreciate Indian culture and values like Present Lufthansa campaign which shows these qualities of Indians in their advertisement. It’s definitely worth watching advertisement. If you are planning you next flight by Lufthansa ,”Have a delightful  flight”.

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