5 Must have Things for baby in winter

Now as winter is about to start mommies of young children have to gear up for making their little one winter ready. Babies are more prone to get cold , cough and infections in cool weather. That's why it becomes important to keep them warm and protected from outside weather.
Warm clothes, Warm water baths, Room heater for maintaining temperature are helpful for keeping children warm during winters . Also make sure to apply moisturizer to your baby everyday for protecting from dryness of skin. In winter babies skin  may lose moisture and may crack easily. Make sure to include warm  vegetable soups and porridge  in your babies diet.
When my first child was born it was summer and i have bought all smooth ,cotton clothes for her as it was very warm outside .I hardly bought sweater , jackets or warm clothes for her.But when winter started i realised my child was feeling extremely cold and her hands ,foot were getting very cold.I had to rush to clothes shop and buy all warm clothes of her size, but then she want comfortable in her new heavy clothes and were showing it by pulling them out always. In spite of all my tricks she didn't want to wear sweaters on her shirts for protection. Again i rushed to clothes shop and asked for warm but comfortable and not so heavy clothes. This time i got perfect clothes for her which she didn't pull out. I have en listed warm clothes and got all these when my second child was born. Children don't like to wear heavy clothes all the time and thus these warm clothes comes to help. Following  are comfortable and  must have clothes   for toddlers/baby's winter care.

Thermal wear
Thermal clothes are very warm and they are soft as well.Thermal clothes are not so heavy like woolen sweaters.And most important thing is these clothes can be worn inside normal clothes so kids can remove it by pulling. Just make you child wear it like inners and protect them from winter.

I like this type of clothes very much  and i have used  set of thick cotton rompers  for both my kids.Rompers cover baby  from top to bottom completely and protects from outside cold.Many kids don't like wearing socks and they keep on removing it.In this case rompers are of help as they cover kids feet as well. My younger daughter always pulled her socks and thus i used mostly rompers for her.Rompers without socks are also available and equally comfortable.

Caps are very important as they help to avoid exposure to cool air. There are many types of caps available in market and you can select few trendy , few woolen and few cotton caps as per need.Little children make more clothe dirty and after every use it becomes necessary to wash all clothes. Thus buy set of caps as alternatives. 
Sweaters / jackets are must have clothes when temperature is low in winters.Kids don't  like to take blankets in the night while sleeping and thus wearing them sweater in night is important.Buy soft and simple sweaters /jackets for your child as kids don't like heavy clothes.Keep set of sweater or jackets as while washing these clothes other alternative can be used.Make sure to use sweaters while going outside.

Socks help keeping baby's feet warmer.For better development of baby keeping her warm is very important.  Also wearing socks helps protecting baby from catching cold and cough. 
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