Basundi or milk dessert

How to make basundi or milk dessert

Basundi is type of indian dessert famous in mostly western parts of india.Different version of basundi is rabri which is widely made in northern parts of india. Rabri is mostly served with jalebi,malpuwa and used while making Rasmalai. Basundi is served with puri or chapati or just only bowl of chilled or warm basundi.

Basundi is made by reducing full cream milk and flavouring with dry fruis and aromatic cardamoms. Its been said that more the time you cook basundi it becomes more delicious in taste and richness.Only precaution while making basundi one has to take, is stirring it continuously after very few minutes is necessary .As it may stick and burn at the bottom.
I have posted here simple Basundi recipe which is quick and hassle free ,just follow the step by step process and fail proof basundi will be ready in few minutes.As it takes more time to reduce milk , you can do other kitchen work while making basundi. Just keep on stirring in between.
Cooking time:25 min
  • Milk 2 litre,
  • Sugar 1 cup,
  • Almonds 20 pieces,
  • Cashews 20 pieces,
  • Pinch of Cardamom powder.
Directions to cook:
  1. Add milk in thick bottom big pan . Bring milk to boil . As milk need to be reduced for making basundi keep it on low flame and stir in between so it won't get burnt. It takes nearly 2 hours to thicken milk.
  2. Soak some almonds in water overnight.Peel almonds covers and run almonds in grinder with some milk to get almonds paste.
  3. Cut almonds, cashews in small pieces.Keep aside.
  4. When milk gets exactly reduced to half its original quantity add almonds paste , dry fruits pieces in it.
  5. Add sugar in basundi and simmer it for few more minutes.
  6. Finally Sprinkle pinch of cardamom powder on basundi and switch off gas.
  7. Basundi can be served chill or warm as well.
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