Chocolate almonds fudge

Chocolates might be the most loved deserts across all parts of world. From kids to elderly everybody loves chocolates. There are variety of types of chocolates  like brown ,white  ,dark chocolate.Brown chocolates are made using cocoa solids.Powdered cocoa is used for many chocolate recipes.
Eating chocolate is sheer bliss for me so I searched for home made chocolate recipes and made very easy to make chocolate fudge at home .Chocolate fudge is very easy to make desert made using cocoa solids or cocoa powder.

If you like you can use walnut ,pistachios or cashew nuts for making this dry fruit and chocolate fudge. Also raisins can be added in this fudge for different taste. 
After number of trial and error it turned out perfect and It tastes divine. All my family and friends loved this chocolate fudge and according to them it tastes just like big brand ready made chocolates. Now  its super  hit  chocolate desert for my kids.

I have used cocoa powder, milk and almonds for making chocolate almonds fudge. I have used full cream milk (milk with extra cream) for more rich taste. Instead of using milk ,condensed milk can be used,  just don't add sugar if using condensed milk. 

Cooking Time :45 min
Cocoa powder 1 cups
Whole cream milk 4 cups
Sugar 1 cups
Ghee(Clarified butter) /butter  2 tb spoon
Butter 1 tea spoon
Almonds cut into pieces 10
Salt as per taste

Directions to Cook :
  1. Grease plate/tray with  melted butter or ghee and keep it ready to pour chocolate fudge.keep it aside.
  2. Add cocoa powder ,milk ,sugar in thick bottom pan.
  3. Whisk this mixture for 5 to 10 minutes to mix it properly. Make sure there is no lump in it.
  4. Keep pan on low flame and keep on stirring mixture as cocoa may stick to bottom of pan.
  5. It takes around 15 to 16 minutes to reach chocolate fudge state of this mixture.
  6. To know if fudge is ready take this simple test :
  7. Take cold water in bowl and drop 2 drops of chocolate fudge in it. If it forms ball and
    dosen't break after pressing with hands ,then fudge is ready.It should be runny and liquid enough to spread on its own in plate.
  8. When fudge is ready switch off the gas and add salt ,Almonds pieces, 1 tea spoon of butter in fudge and mix well.
  9. Pour chocolate almonds fudge in greased plate and spread it evenly.
  10. Keep this plate in refrigerator to set chocolate almond fudge.It takes round 1 to 2 hours to set the fudge.
  11. Deep sharp knife in hot water and wipe it with  cotton cloth. Use this knife for fine cutting chocolate almond fudge.Cut the fudge in required shape.
  12. Keep  chocolate fudge  in refrigerator again for 1 hour to set  before  serving.
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