Effective tips for setting children corner or room

Having children corner / room  in house  is essential  as  it  helps  to shape their imagination  and creativity . Child will feel it’s his /her own world and  learn to be independent.
Children also need their own space and perfect way to give it is having child’s room /corner in the house .  Many children who are only child in a family / play alone as it’s not possible every time to get company of other kids or elder person. And many toddlers , children like to play and talk to own self  actually they enjoy doing so. Kids own room or corner in the house gives them their  own space to explore , to imagine ,to play  to study and what not. It’s actually becomes their comfort zone and  also  for grown up  children it’s important to have their own space for studying. This children’s room  is very useful when you have guests at home or when you are watching Television. Excess screen time can be avoided by engaging children in their own activities. Make sure to ask your child to keep all their toys and stuff neatly in their  room /corner after using it. It will be of great help for mommy and child will learn to take care of all belongings from young age. 
Implement some creative ideas and decorate beautiful , little  world of your child .

Here  are  simple ways  for making own world of your little prince/ princess :

1. Dedicate  different  room or any available corner of the house for children . Make sure kids corner is clean and reserved only for kids and there should not be any other single thing at the place.

2. Keep on changing its setting after 2-3 months. Its not necessary to use all expensive and exclusive furniture. But with easily available things like  stickers , small toys ,drawings and paintings  done by your child  can also be used to decorate child’s room. Keep framed photos of child, family as well. 

3. Paste or draw a small rainbow ,clouds on wall , using tharmacol sheets and water color. Use glittery stars and poster of Sun to decorate sky of her /his own. Many carton themes decorative materials are available in the market . Make use of it for special touch.

4. For  princess room  use  stickers or paint crowns , princess , barbies and dolls  pictures. Write down sweet line like “My Diva Diana” .Use pink ,purple or white color things for decorating princess corner. Your little princess will feel that she is in her own palace. 

5.  For prince  give a touch of playground to room .For that use stickers or paint balls in motion ,bats ,rackets and also use favourite player poster on the wall for decorating. Write or paste line “My champion Ryan (kids name)”.And the playground of your champion is ready to play.

6. Spread small washable playing mat (Printed with cartoon or alphabets ) in the children corner for seating or playing. Mat provides protection  from falling while  playing as well.

7.Keep  all  and toys, soft toys  and  books  in the children’s  room. Keep  it covered  in  basket  in nearby decorated corner so whenever children are at the place they can enjoy playing with the favourite toys or read a book.

8. Keep box of pencils, colours, crayons, glue, glitters as activity box in the children’s  room. So kids can use it for drawing ,painting and other creations.

9. If your child loves reading make tiny library of his/her favorite  books, comics in   separate shelf. It will help to enact reading habits from young age.Keep all child's medals ,certificates in this shelf for encouraging them.

10. Keep small wooden or plastic table/  chair  available ,so that kids can study or eat food by seating there.

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