Tips for planning outdoor play for children

Nowadays children are more busy with school curriculum , studies, classes  and  could  hardly find time for  playing outdoor.  Beside  busy school  schedules children prefer  spending time with their favourite  electronic /entertainment gadgets like television , smart phones , tabs ,laptops.
And thus  outdoor playing takes back seat  which is  actually  very important and essential  for better physical , mental  and social development of children. Exercise while playing helps for  strong bones and physical development. Not only that  it  help children to build stamina , confidence and  good immunity as well. Playing in team is another advantage for social development of child.
Children learn about  many things like  nature ,seasons, materials ,while playing out. Overall it is  important  to take children  out  more often.  Parents can  plan  outdoor activities for children   with following  interesting ways.

1. Celebrations /Party
Birthdays ,graduation, celebration  parties  are   another options to be outdoor. Instead of organizing party at home/hotel / indoor  go outdoor. Organize parties , play dates, celebrations at outdoor place. For that  select gardens, water parks,play  ground  ,amusement parks for celebration. Parents can buy entry tickets of these places for all invited children as a return gifts. Plan outdoor games like musical chair ,jumping race or just play with your little guests  under the sky. Let children  run ,catch ,jump ,play and enjoy their celebration  to  fullest.This outdoor party will be  ideal opportunity for children to encourage playing habit.

2. Picnic to parks
Generally people got to movie or malls  on weekends /holiday. Instead of that try going to picnic . Select  places  for picnic  like nearby  gardens ,Parks, zoo ,forts, beaches, temples ,Hills. Picnic at such places will let children know about the importance of  these  places. They will learn about  different places   while having fun. Pack enough food or barbeque on  such picnics .  Plus point is  barbequing  will  teach children   how  to  cook  as well .

3. Trekking to hills
For weekend getaways plan trekking more often  to nearby heels ,forts ,mountains. It  will be  pleasurable    along with lots of physical exercise for children and parents too. Trekking will help   children learn about nature, soil ,rocks, forests ,hills ,mountains  by practical experience. Children will learn lot about geography with own experience of trekking.  If possible  plan camping on hills  and show how peaceful life is without electronic gadgets and comforts. It’s  perfect way to get closer to nature.

4. Playing play dates
Playing with your children outside will help them to encourage outdoor play .Parents can plan and play with their children as and when possible to engage fullest with them. Follow some  easy tips and make you play date with child  more amusing.
First  decide what  to play ? and where to play ?   You can  select places  like  home backyard, local Park, community pool, Play ground. Then  choose  fun games or sports to play and plan them ahead of time .Talk to your child about  favorite sport (Cricket, Badminton, basketball, football), a game (hide and seek, Musical chair).  Also Invite their friends or class mates to  make this as  a play date. Outdoor play dates  are more pleasing  for children  and  In this way parents can know more about  the  friend  circle of child.

5. School activities /Education center  activities
School is the place where children spend most of the time in a day and if school provides outdoor play ,sports along with study ,  then it’s great opportunity for children to spend more time outdoors.  Schools can encourage children  for outdoor activities  by arranging  professional sports training ,seminars , sports contests often. Enroll your child to at least one  sports activity at school from young age .

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