Langkawi truely paradise on earth - part 1

Langkawi malyasia
It  was school holiday and thus we planned vacation to Langkawi .Langkawi is beautiful island located in malaysia .I wanted to visit this place as its very famous for its  irresistible natural beauty, wonderful beaches, ancient forests and waterfalls also it  is very well maintained  and attracts many tourist  for relaxing beach vacations. We booked  bayview  hotel for 4 nights and air tickets as well. Little siya  couldn’t wait to see waterfalls in Langkawi as  she heard about Niagara water falls in her school lessons. According to her she’s going to visit Niagara waterfall which is in Langkawi.
The memorable trip started as we reached langkawi .And it started amazing us. The airport was beautiful ,airy , full of sunlight and we could walk on it freely. Its surprising for us to see not much occupied .As we are used to see  only crowded airports full of flights, people.
 I could not resist myself going out and walking on the place , where generally flights run for take off (runway). It was funny to walk around on runways and my little princess started playing with her ball also.

Langkawi airport
After completing formalities at airport we approached a local taxi and our next travel to hotel started. While going from the taxi empty (very few vehicles) and clean roads , roadside lush greenery was  feast  for  eyes (and lungs too.) The air was having fresh aroma of lush green trees ,flowers and forests around.
 No noise ,no horns of vehicles  was making it more peaceful and morning golden sunlight on neatly constructed small houses was enhancing the beauty of this  island.
The taxi driver was aged man who kindly educated  us about langkawi , main attractions  while going on the road . We understood from him that langkawi has warm temperature throughout the year and ancient lakes ,waterfalls are main attractions of tourists . The best way to move around Langkawi is to rent a car or a motorbike as roads are good and people can enjoy driving while sight  seeing.
After reaching bayview hotel ,we got  warm welcome  staff. We waited till at Lobby for completing formalities. It was huge  hotel with grand lobby decorated in artistic way. It ‘s  situated at commercial area of Langkawi and thus nearby market , restaurants are  available.
Similar was our room very spacious ,airy and neat. For people living in metro cities, the hotel room was very big and so was the window of it. I felt as if at a glance I could see the whole langkawi through the window. It was breathtaking  view of an island .The scenery , city , houses, blue sea just like a portrait.

View from hotel

1.Mangrove forest tour in langkawi 

Mangrove tour 1

Especially for the nature lover, langkawi provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy the greenery, exploring the forests ,sea,beaches. We started with mangrove forest tour in the evening ,We booked the tour from vendor and small boat came for taking us to mangrove. Its completely different world lush green forests  nestled against mountains. Mangrove forest is something which we never imagined could be existing on this earth. Its breathtaking sight of ancient lakes , forests and  caves.
Variety  of  birds ,underwater creatures, and the lush green mountains was the only thing we could see.And only sound we could here there’re chirping of birds , water waves  and animals .
Totally  surrounded with only nature. It was enchanting experience. Then  we visited bat cave located on the kilim river and and part of kilim geopark. Cave  names bat as its home of malyasian black bats.

Mangrove tour 2

Mangrove tour3

2.Island hopping

Island in Langkawi

Island hopping is very popular tour in langkawi. Island hopping includes boat tours to some scenic spots on the island like fresh water lake .
We opted for 4 hours island hopping tour using small boat .Traveling from the boat was awesome experience ,we could see fishes swimming under water and the waves were so strong that up and down experience on it was fun. Huge rocks standing in the the sea seemed like soldiers (my hypocrisy it might be). The boating on waves was super fun and it was  joyous , fascinating to be there .Its Perfect dreamland for visitors.

Dayang bunting lake 

Bunting lake

 Its one of the islands in langkawi. The island is having mountains of shape same as of pregnant lady. The island was having stairs built to reach mountain top .I got tired by climbing stairs ,but after reaching there its total different world i could see.I didn't expect to see such a beautiful , surrounded with lush green mountains fresh water lake behind the mountains. It was unbelievable sight . 

The fresh water lake was separated from the sea with just rocky ridge. we indulged in solar paddle activity amongst many activities at the lake. Probably places like this lake make langkawi so special and unique. Following it we enjoyed eagle feeding as our boatman took us to region where many eagles were fed by tourists ,boatmen. It was fun to see eagles diving down to sea for catching the food and flying back high in the sky.By now, I understood why people visiting this place cant stop talking about it and langkawi surely had much more to offer than what i heard about it.

Dayang bunting
Dayang bunting lake

To be continued...

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